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General information about New Estetic

The New Estetic Institute of Esthetic Medicine specializes above all in esthetic medicine facial treatments. We recommend a wide selection of services, allowing for a comprehensive approach to restoring your skins youthful and beautiful look. We eliminate skin problems and also remove scars and blemishes. We treat hyperhidrosis and neurological disorders such as bruxism, tension headaches and dystonia with the use of botulin toxin.

Our clinic uses world renown brand name products during treatments. We offer line and wrinkle filling treatments with the use of hyaluronic acid (Restylane), polylactic acid (Sculptra) and calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse). We also use an innovative polycaprolactone (Ellanse), referred to as an injectable implant because its effects last longer than HA based preparations - lasting from 18 to as much as 4 years . It is a substance which regenerate collagen and skin proteins, allowing for spectacular visual results while at the same time making it possible to treat the cause of skin ageing and not just its symptoms. It allows for the selection of implant resorption time according to individual needs.

We recommend treatments with the use of the Dermapen device which stimulates skin fibroblasts and the production of collagen and elastin. Depending on which preparation was selected for treatment we can obtain firming, moisturizing, blemish and scar removing results. The device can also be used to treat stretch marks. Additionally when combined with mesotherapy and platelet rich plasma therapy PRP the treatment results in smoother, firmer and nourished skin. It is a natural rejuvenating lifting procedure, free of any side effects or risk of allergic reactions, since the PRP plasma comes from the patient’s own blood. The procedures are performed with the use of a PROLO30 capsule which allows for an extraction from up to 30ml of blood at a time, which significantly increases the number of platelet growth factors which is comparable to 2-3 platelet treatments from regular samples.

We use bioresorbable APTOS nano and APTOS excellence threads for non-surgical face lifts. The firming and soft tissue lifting results become noticeable right after application, additionally the threads also stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin which makes the skin firmer and more flexible. The regenerative and skin firming results are noticed 2-3 weeks after application and remain for a period of 2 years. The thread application technique utilizes the skins natural tension lines which also strengthens mimic muscles and smooths out facial contours. The APTOS excellence atraumatic cannulas allow for the correction of the entire face with only a single injection and the APTOS nano line - wrinkle smoothing on even the thinnest skin.

We invite you to try our volumetric face lifting procedures which allow for a noninvasive means of restoring volume, skin firmness while filling mimic lines. We use the Sculptra preparation to fill deep wrinkles and furrows while contouring facial lines and restoring your faces younger appearance. We use Restylane products to improve the skins elasticity and firmness, we also replace missing subcutaneous tissue from the cheeks, temples and hands resulting from ageing . We offer Restylane Skinboosters innovative treatments (Restylane Vital™ and Restylane Vital Light™), allowing us to smooth the skin and stimulate natural collagen production. Hyaluronic acid helps to restore the skins natural moisture and density levels. We rejuvenate facial features and sculpt its contours filling in imperfections and wrinkles with the use of a Radiesse preparation which stimulates fibroblasts to produce new collagen and naturally improve the skins structure.

We use a lipofilling method which involves autologous transplantation of fat tissue from the facial area. We take the patient’s own fat tissue through liposuction from the stomach, hip and thigh areas and inject it into the appropriate areas of the face, We use this technique to amongst other fill in wrinkles, correction of the asymmetry and missing facial tissues. Allowing for facial contour sculpting and the ability to regain both volume and skin firmness, it is an excellent addition to plastic surgery such as face lifting and eyelid surgery.

We invite you to check out our complete offer.

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High tech equipment

New Estetic is outfitted with the latest treatment equipment which includes amongst other a professional PRP separator for obtaining platelet rich plasma from the patient - PROLO30 capsule. We also have a Dermapen device for micro injection mesotherapy treatments used to treat amongst other scars and to revitalize the skin. We value above all our patients safety and the high quality and innovation of our recommended treatments.

Amenities for patients

We care for our patients comfort level and satisfaction of our treatments . We use only proven brand name products offered by renown companies and innovative equipment and treatment methods. All procedures are fully safe and performed by an experienced and qualified doctor of esthetic medicine. In order to make our patients visit as comfortable as possible we have made the following available:

  • Stylish interiors - the clinic and waiting area have been specially designed to allow those awaiting treatment to relax.
  • Individual approach - we always adjust our treatments to meet the needs of individual patients which allows us to obtain the best results.
  • Peace of mind and treatments in one location - New Estetic is located next to a SPA clinic which offers body treatments, relaxing massages and beauty treatments.

Accomplishments and certificates for New Estetic

The owner of the clinic and specialist Dr. Wiktor Wezgraj, MD, holds numerous certificates which confirm his ability to perform the recommended treatments at New Estetic. He has completed training in the use of Sculptra, Radiesse, Azzalure and other advanced filling products. He has also completed courses concerning the auto transplantation of fat tissue with the use of the Microfill and Lipopras systems.

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