Bielsko-Biała, Polandul. Żywiecka 71

Klinika Galena

  • Intrauterine insemination with a partners sperm AIH 150 £
  • Sono-HSG sampling 120 £
  • Ultrasound ovulation monitoring in the treatment of infertil... 16 £
  • Seminogram – semen analysis 30 £
  • Medical consultation concerning the diagnosis and treatment...  34 £
Gdynia, Polandul. 10 Lutego 16

InviMed Gdynia

  • Intrauterine insemination with a partners sperm AIH 160 £
  • Intrauterine insemination with semen from a domestic donor 289 £
  • Embryo transfer 199 £
  • Embryo Glue 60 £
  • Medical consultation concerning the diagnosis and treatment...  30 £

Infertility treatment in Poland - information

Infertility Clinics

{ #2:left:150}More and more people from abroad decide on an In Vitro Fertilisation in Poland. Why? Because we have excellent infertility clinics ready to carry out this delicate procedure.   The well-being of the future mother is the most important factor in treatment in Poland.  The specialized clinics are based on three principal elements: diagnosis, treatment and maintaining fertility. In addition to specialist examinations they also offer a series of other services such as psychological, educational and pedagogical support. It is common for the problem to not only have a medical, but also emotional or psychological origin. In Vitro Fertilization is one of these methods. Effective and safe.  An excellent psychological support helps and assists women.  Medical tourists recommend the Polish infertility clinics.

Statistics and research on the causes of infertility

At present more and more couples struggle with infertility. The causes of the condition may relate to both partners. According to statistics, 15% of cases have an unknown cause, however, a lot depends on the woman's lifestyle (stress, addictions, poor nutrition) and age - the older the woman the more difficult it is to get pregnant.  As the causes vary, the methods of treatment vary as well - they range from pharmacology to artificial insemination.  The problem of infertility is growing and there are more and more clinics helping women get pregnant.

Caregivers, therapists, and assistants of the couples

The current methods of infertility treatments need doctors to continuously develop their skills and use the latest technology medical equipment.  Fortunately, couples who are planning to get pregnant can count on the help of expertised specialists.

The first of them, Dr Bartosz Chrostowski, MD, PhD is an obstetrician-gynaecologist and the manager of the Artvimed Centre for Reproductive Medicine in Kraków.  He has been a member of the Polish Gynaecological Society since 2011, and the founding member of the Polish Society of Reproductive Medicine.  He treats infertility in accordance with the standards of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE). Couples in need of assistance can count on the modern assisted reproduction technology ( in vitro fertilization or sperm development and selection). Vitrification is used for freezing spare embryos and ova.  He is cooperating with Dr Małgorzata Witoń, MEng, PhD, an embriologist.

If you decide to visit Novomedica Infertility Treatment Centre in Mysłowice, you can count on each couple having a complete diagnosis preceded by an analysis of medical history and lab and imaging examinations prior to therapy.  If getting pregnant is obstructed by infections or hormonal disorders, the specialists apply pharmacological treatment.  In addition, the clinic also performs the Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI) and In Vitro Fertilization together with the embryo transfer into the uterus.  The cryotransfer of embryos -- the transfer of previously frozen embryos obtained in former cycles -- is also done by the clinic's specialists.  The procedures are carried out by Dr Piotr Miciński, MD, PhD and Dr Krzysztof Błaszczyk, MD, PhD.

You can also find a specialized facility in Bytom. This clinic, which was established by Dr Stanisław Horak, is called Antrum, and is closely cooperating with the Demeter laboratory.  The center provides long-term storage of semen in the case of patients, for whom the treatment may cause permanent impairment in the ability to fertilize.  The doctors of the clinic, including Dr Mirosław Ogrodnik, Dr Grzegorz Tomanek, and Dr Iwona Kozak-Darmas carry out the examinations on infertility and pathologic pregnancy in compliance with the WHO standards.

Clinics with the most extensive experience

The Warsaw nOvum Clinic is located on  Bociania St.  The centre specializes in treating female, male and couples' infertility problems.  They use multiple methods to help couples get pregnant - including Intra-Uterine Insemination (with partner's semen, and in case of failure, with donor's semen), In Vitro Fertilization with the use of aiding techniques (intra-cytoplasmatic sperm injection into the ovum or retrieval of sperm from testicle). The clinic is managed by Dr Katarzyna Kozioł and Dr Piotr Lewandowski.

The Invimed European Centre for Maternity is another infertility treating clinic in Warsaw. The doctors working at the clinic are among the best in Poland and the labs are equipped in the latest, state-of-the-art equipment, which is internationally certified.  The reliability and validity of the examinations carried out by the Centre is supported by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embriology. The specialists working for the clinic include Dr Anetta Karwacka, Dr Tomasz Rokicki, MD, PhD and Dr Tomasz Dworniak.

The VitroLive Szczecin Centre for Gynecology and Infertility Treatment conducts a Computer Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA) and provides the service of freezing oocytes.  The clinic's specialists diagnose infertility as well as the inability to term pregnancy.  The procedures are carried out by Dr Rafał Kurzawa, a multiple scholarship winner in Antwerp and the Free University of Brussels.

In Katowice, in turn, we can find the Ferti-Med, Polish German Fertility Centre.  The facility offers therapy after 6 months of ineffective attempts to get pregnant (or at the latest after 12 months). Each case is individual and is treated this way as well.

Infertility treatment in Polish clinics

Polish infertility clinics are highly qualified facilities. They are very popular among the foreign patients, which supports their high standing, especially that the number of patients is growing.  The foreigners are attracted by the low prices and the professionalism of Polish doctors.  The location of the best centres (Warsaw, Szczecin and Kraków) and others offers the opportunity to combine treatment with sightseeing.  We can then assume that the number of medical tourist will steadily grow.

IVF prices 

{ #3:right:150}The IVF treatment centres are located in almost every Polish region. Each of them has been successful in their assistance to couples.  Each can boast the effectiveness and best quality of services.  It is obviously a pleasant activity to call little Janes and Johns to life.  But there are other pleasant and absorbing activities. In the course of all the examinations and analyses it is sometimes necessary to temporarily detach from the situation, take a deep breath and search for nearby attractions And you will find an abundance of these in Poland.  If you plan a visit, a longer stay at the infertility treatment centre it is recommended to take advantage of the attractions offered by the cities and their surroundings.

What are the IVF prices in Poland? In comparison to other European countries - the cost is low.  We are cheaper than the Euro or the British Pound zone.  The ISCI or IMSI procedure in Poland costs one third of the price in Western Europe countries.  There are clinics that not only include the preparatory therapy, but also a series of tests and other procedures accompanying the IVF in the price of the treatment - do not miss this information.

{ #1:right:150 }The blessing of maternity, and paternity can become so problematic that the only solution seems to be the assistance of modern science and medicine, such as, for example, gynaecology or andrology. Polish clinics provide numerous examples that infertility can be effectively treated.  Infertility treatment refers to both sexes.

In the world, the Poles are known to be attached to family and values associated with it.  We are also becoming increasingly popular in making many couples' dreams come true.  The IVF procedures are very popular in our country. The number of existing centres and the steady emergence of new ones clearly states that Poland can offer medical facilities, and pharmacological therapies that can effectively rise the number of the new-born citizens. The quality of services is impeccable. Comfort, safety and patients' satisfaction is the utmost goal and value for us.  New clinics with state-of-the-art equipment are emerging in the market with the best teams of specialist doctors.