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Our clinic specializes in rendering comprehensive dental services. We offer a variety of treatments, including conservative dentistry and oral implantology. We perform complex surgical operations, including  extraction of retained teeth, maxillary sinus floor augmentation and root resection. We provide our patients with beautiful smiles by employing innovative micro surgical techniques. Our patients can have missing teeth replaced with high quality dental prosthetics. The professionals operating in our team are also specializing in endodontics. We offer treatments with the assistance of the state-of-the art surgical microscope, root canals disinfecting devices, e.g. lasers and units for warm gutta-percha canals obturation.

The clinic also offers treatments in paediatric dentistry. We treat first and permanent teeth and deal with paediatric surgery and orthodontics. Children can also attend workshops on proper brushing, have their teeth sealed and undergo fluoride therapy. We teach adults and children how to floss and observe the principles of oral hygiene.

We treat the following pathological conditions

At the Ferreus Stomatologia Rodzinna we treat all conditions affecting teeth and perodontium.  We help patients with partial and total anodontia, restoring their smiles by prosthetic and implantology treatments.

We treat complex cases of obliterated root canals preventing teeth from extraction.  Our specialists can unblock bent canals and remove dental instruments broken inside the root canals.

Patients can also undergo treatments of occlusion anomalies with innovative orthodontic techniques.

Much attention is paid to observing proper oral hygiene. We make patients aware of the significance of effective brushing and flossing as well as regular check-up appointments.

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