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General information for EXCLUSIVE DENTAL STUDIO

Exclusive Dental Studio is an exclusive and state of the art equipped dental office offering the latest up to date high tech medical equipment allowing us to provide our clients with a healthy looking beautiful smile. Our skilled dental staff offer treatment solutions for patients of all ages. We tailor our treatment solutions individually to each patient according to their individual needs. We guarantee only the highest quality dental materials, professionalism and pain free treatment care.

Our areas of expertise include dental implants and orthodontics allowing us to permanently restore a patient’s sharp and vibrant smile. We offer Nobel Biocare and Straumann dental implants which come with a global lifetime warranty. We treat cases involving single missing teeth as well as complete full arch restorations using four or six implants (ALL-ON-4).

As one of a limited dental offices in Poland we offer full ceramic implant restorations (zirconium) AXIS. The implants we offer are more aesthetically pleasing than conventional metallic implants and are perfect for those who are allergic to elements present in certain alloys. Our implants are fully compatible with the holistic medical approach.

We can offer our patients orthodontic treatment using standard and much more aesthetically pleasing sapphire orthodontic appliances as well as the American INVISALIGN system.

We use only the highest quality dental materials offered by the most well-known manufacturers. Our advanced prosthodontic procedures include the use of Inlays, Onlays, veneers as well as full ceramic dental crowns CAD/CAM all ceramic, Procera, Zirconia & Prettau restorations. Our team of skilled professionals are able to provide full ceramic crown and bridge restorations on zirconium, gold or metal alloy substructures.

Our office is equipped with the latest tooth whitening system by PERFEKT BLEACHING. We guarantee our patients satisfactory results with our whitening procedures.

Our services include a wide variety of endodontic and endodontic retreatment procedures (we use a Carl Zeiss microscope, warm root canal sealing system and a My Ray rvg).

At Exclusive Dental Studio we also provide cosmetic medical treatments. We perform the PRP - vampire lifting procedure (platelet rich plasma therapy), we also provide treatments involving the use of products containing botulin toxins (Botox) and hyaluronic acid (Restylane).

From the start to finish of each procedure we make sure to use only the latest high tech equipment to make every visit as enjoyable and pain free as possible. In order to achieve this goal we use a computer aided anesthetic administration device THE WAND as well as inhalation sedation "laughing gas", which allows us to make each visit something to look forward to for our patients.

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High tech equipment

Our dental offices are fully equipped with the latest state of the art equipment available at our doctor’s disposal. This allows us to provide our clients with safe, pain free and effective dental care while efficiently reducing the amount of time a procedure would normally take and at the same time eliminating any possible negative side effects. We are constantly upgrading our medical equipment which allows us to expand our selection of services. The following is a list equipment we have at our disposal:

  • Zeiss dental microscope - a high tech microscope used while performing endodontic procedures.
  • Intra oral camera - used to perform oral exams which allows us to carefully examine the most important details.
  • The Wand System - a computer assisted pain free local anesthetic administration device (application to a single tooth without spreading to surrounding tissues) which is excellent for use on children and is also great for dental procedures performed on adults.
  • Inhalation sedation - administration of laughing gas allowing for safe and stress free dental treatment. A mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide is administered during a treatment procedure and expelled through a mask covering the nose. We use this form of sedation on children above the age of 3 and for surgical and implant based procedures.
  • Piezosurgery - a device which utilizes piezoelectric vibrations in the application of cutting bone tissue making it is possible to cut hard tissue while leaving soft tissue untouched by the process, allowing for less invasive surgical procedures and a much quicker healing time.
  • Digital radiograph - a high tech rvg radiovisiograph allowing for much quicker imaging time with greater detail.
  • Sinus Lift apparatus - a dental tool allowing us to raise the maxillary sinus.
  • Ultrasonic scaler - a dental tool used for scaling removal procedures involving the removal of supragingivial or subgingivial calculus and tartar formation.
  • Tooth whitening lamp - a system designed for single visit tooth whitening.
  • Perfect Bleaching - a high tech system used in tooth whitening procedures, allowing us to provide our patients with teeth as white as snow after a single visit.
  • Air Flow sandblaster - a tool used for dental hygiene procedures involving the removal of plaque and deposits from proximal tooth surfaces, small cracks, fissures and smooth surfaces of teeth by using a mixture of water with special cleaning particles applied to the treated area with compressed air.
  • Lisa Autoklaw - a computer controlled instrument sterilization device in accordance with European Union regulations.

Amenities for patients

Our staff at EXCLUSIVE DENTAL Studio strives to provide an environment where the moment our patients walk through the door they will feel right at home. Our priority is that our patient’s well-being and satisfaction remains at the highest level. We have specifically tailored our office space with amenities making your stay much more pleasant by including the following:

  • Modern interior design - all procedures are done in well-equipped modern office space with the use of high tech medical apparatus.
  • Comfortable waiting area - while waiting to be seen by the doctor for a consultation or procedure, our patients await comfortably in our comfortable waiting area. Comfortable and wide chairs, large aquarium as well as pleasant background music help allow our guests to stay calm and relaxed.
  • Individual treatment plans - each patient is provided with a custom tailored treatment plan suited to their individual needs provided by our specialists after undergoing specific tests, taking into account the needs and requirements as well as financial capabilities of a given person.
  • Pain free treatment - we use a high tech computer assisted pain free local anesthetic administration device The Wand offering safe and pain free anesthesia for both adults and children.
  • On site X-rays - we have our own x-ray equipment allowing us to provide you with dental x-rays free of charge and without the need to wait in line.
  • Dental travel - we offer this service to patients from outside of Poznan who would like to have their visit times reduced to a minimum. For a period of 6 days we run an intensive restorative, aesthetic, implant or prosthodontic treatment session (we insert any given number of implants or dental crowns ALL ON 4). In their spare time while not having a procedure done patients are free to take advantage of our other services such as the Exclusive Beauty Studio (cosmetic and aesthetic medicine) or get familiar with the tourist attractions around Poznan. We pick up and drop off our patients at the Ławica airport in Poznan and provide them with a personal tour guide while visiting the city and provide them also with the ability to go out to the theatre or restaurant.

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