Endovenous laser treatment for varicose veins in Poland

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EVLT - a modern method for laser removal of varicose veins

Laser treatments for removing varicose veins (EVLT, EndoVenous Laser Treatment) quickly gained considerable popularity and are now offered by many Polish clinics. The reason for that is the possibility to perform the operation without surgical incisions, quick period of convalescence and no scarring.

The operation takes about an hour and it is an ultrasound guided procedure. Prior to laser therapy the doctor precisely indicates the area for treatment by the so-called mapping of the venous segments to be treated. He marks the course of the veins and vein junctions, as well as the points of access for the laser fiber.  He then follows by applying a local anaesthetic (to the skin and subcutaneous tissue) and inserts the access sheath with laser fiber tip into the varicose vein. The specialist uses it to close the vein - laser's energy causes a quick contraction and closing of the incompetent vein. Upon the completion of the procedure, the surgeon will put on some kind of compression, generally class II compression stockings, exerting gradient pressure.  The patient can leave the clinic immediately after the procedure. They should wear a special compression stocking a few days post surgery and avoid great physical effort for the period of 2 to 3 weeks.

Surgeons and phlebologists - expertise and experience in treating varicose veins of the lower extremities

One of the pioneers of the EVLT technique in Poland is Dr Marek Karczewski, who is at present performing this type of procedures at the Solumed clinic in Poznań. He has been treating venous inefficiency with laser therapy since 2004 and has helped hundreds of patients. Dr Marcin Feliga from the Centrum Laseroterapii Elite (Elite Laser Therapy Center) in Warsaw is one of the experts in performing EVLT procedures in Poland.  Patients with venous ulcers and piles can also seek his advice.

In Wrocław, on the other hand, the EVLT procedures are carried out by Dr Janusz Orzechowski, M. D., PhD. from the Mediconcept Specialist Clinic. He advises and consults patients struggling with conditions resulting from venous inefficiency and performs Doppler ultrasound procedures. In treatment, he applies sclerotherapy (injections) to eradicate varicose veins in the lower extremities, performs laser ablation as well as surgically removes varicose veins.  He also sees patients in another Wrocław center – Noa Clinic.

However, if the patient suffering from varicose veins prefers to go to Katowice, they will be interested in the offer presented by the Centrum Estetyki Ciała (Body Aesthetics Centre). Laser therapy is performed by specialist doctors, including Dr Andrzej Grabarczyk, who also deals with surgical treatment of hernia and performs proctology procedures with the assistance of Hemoron and Celon products.  Another specialist helping patients with their varicose vein problems is Dr Henryk Mekle, M. D., PhD, who is the head of the Mekmed centre.

High-tech lasers for treatment of venous inefficiency in lower extremities

Centrum Dermatologii Laserowej, Estetycznej i Dermatochirurgii Laser-Medica (Laser-Medica Center of Laser and Aesthetic Dermatology as well as Dermasurgery) in Szczecin can boast an abundant number of high-tech apparatus on the site. During laser therapy, the centre's medical team uses technologically advanced equipment produced by Cryoflex, a recognized manufacturer of medical devices. All the products manufactured by this company meet the requirements of the European Medical Devices Directive MDD/93/42/EEC (a law concerning medical devices). At the Center, dr Marcin Wiśniowski carries out the laser procedures. He uses Velas 60w 940nm laser when removing varicose veins from the lower extremities.  This laser is also used for percutaneous blood vessel closing as well as the obliteration of haemorrhoids. 

Two specialist from the Ars Estetica Clinic in Wrocław, Dr Maria Rybak and Dr Wojciech Rybak, also use highly technologically developed apparatus.  After the EVLT laser treatment  they carry out complementary treatments with the use of Gemini or Fotona lasers . At their Center, patients with varicose veins can also expect the procedure of sclerotherapy, class II compression stockings and medical care for the year following the treatment.

One more medical facility can boast working on the highly specialized equipment. We are talking here about the Warszawskie Centrum Flebologii Klinika Zdrowych Nóg (The Warsaw Center of Phlebology - The Healthy Legs Clinic) This state-of-the-art centre carries out 200 surgeries and 5 thousand non-surgical treatments every year. Since its foundation it has treated over 19 thousand people. The specialists at the Centre use the Vbeam dye pulse laser with the wavelength of 595 nm manufactured by the American Candela company The above-mentioned laser has been declared as the so-called gold standard in treating vein conditions. It features a unique epidermis cooling system and the penetration of skin conditions is deeper than in the case of argon ion lasers.

The treatment of leg varicose veins - a comparison of prices in Poland and elsewhere in the world.

The cost seems to be considerable, before it is compared to the same treatments in Great Britain or the USA. According to the data provided by the Compare Clinic service the prices of EVLT varicose vein treatments vary between £2,000-£4,500, i.e. 9.5-21.4 thousand Polish zlotys (per one leg). Thus the treatment is much more expensive than in Poland.   In the USA, the prices for the procedure on one leg start with $2400.00 (7.5 thousand zlotys), which convinces Americans, as well as the British to go abroad, including Poland, for cheaper treatment. Such a getaway is quite a money saviour - you undergo therapy and at the same time enjoy vacations in a beautiful country offering multiple tourist attractions.