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Address and contact information

Dr Robert Jamont Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic
ul. Ułańska 5a
65-033 Zielona Góra (I piętro)

Opening hours

  • Monday -16:00
  • Tuesday -16:00
  • Wednesday -16:00
  • Thursday -16:00
  • Friday -16:00
  • Saturdayclosed
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Dr Robert Jamont Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic on a map

Dr Robert Jamont Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic is located in Zielona Gora, in a quiet neighbourhood, guaranteeing patients peace and intimacy. Thanks to our superb location, patients can easily reach us by car (there is parking in front of the clinic) and public transportation. The nearest bus stop (195 Regional Hospital on Warynskiego street, bus lines 0, 8, 80, N1, N2 and N3) is 250 meters from the clinic, and the main train station is just over a kilometre. Patients from Warsaw and Gdansk preferring to travel by air can easily reach our clinic from the Zielona Gora-Babimost Airport (35 km). A taxi from the airport takes about half an hour. The airport is also well connected to the city centre with the help of bus line 406, which runs every 20 minutes every day of the week.

Patients from outside of Zielona Gora can combine a visit to our clinic with sightseeing this beautiful, charming city. It is worth seeing the oldest monument of Zielona Gora, the 13th century St. Jadwiga Concathedral (1 km from the clinic); the Gothic town hall in the middle of Old Town (1.3 km); and the 19th century Braniborska Tower (800 m) with an observatory, currently serving as the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Zielona Gora. Folk lovers will appreciate the little Bachuses trail, which are figurines depicting the children of Bacchus located in different parts of the city and symbolize its wine-making traditions. Those who love nature and relaxing in the fresh air can rest in the extensive Millennium Park (Park Tysiaclecia) located on the other side of the street from the clinic. You can also visit the largest park in Zielona Gora, Piastowski Park (located less than 4 km from the clinic), the pre-war Botanical Gardens (4 km), and Palm House situated on top of Wine Hill and surrounded by so-called Wine Park (1 km).