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Our centre specializes in beauty and rejuvenation treatments. We contour the body, removing localized accumulations of excessive body fat. We perform liposuction using the Body Jet device. The scope of our services also includes non-surgical breast enlargement with Macrolane gel. Using the gel, we shape areas requiring adjustments and volume; while in patients looking to slim down, we use injection lipolysis. We also use Macrolane gel for penis enlargement procedures. We shape the mouth and eyelids (blepharoplasty), for which we use a fractional CO2 laser. We perform laser treatments for permanent hair removal as well as a range of services aimed at rejuvenating the appearance and reducing wrinkles. We use laser ablation, hyaluronic acid-based fillers, and botulinum toxin. We do mesolifts, resurfacing using a fractional CO2 laser, and photorejuvenation using the Palomar StarLux system.

For patients who wish to look younger in the most natural way, we suggest platelet-rich plasma MesoBeauty PROTEAL treatment. We use plasma to regenerate and revitalize the skin of the neck, face and eyelids as well as the entire body. We also use it to remove fine lines as well as to accelerate the healing process of wounds after plastic surgery and laser therapy. We make our guests look younger by also using the First Lift treatment, which is a procedure using innovative absorbable First thread from CROMA. A non-surgical face lift using PDO thread refreshes the appearance, brightens the skin, and reduces wrinkles. It is also an effective way to narrow the pores of the skin.

We offer a wide range of massages performed in our offices or the client's home. The massages we perform include classic, lymphatic, contouring and shaping, relaxation, and slimming. Our range of services is enriched by medical massage, used for people suffering from back pain, sciatica and other diseases, as well as firming and aromatherapy massages. Our patients can undergo hand and foot reflexology massage as well as a series of holistic massages (shiatsu, hot stone, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui, Ayurveda, and others).

What we treat

In our clinic, patients will not only regenerate and nourish the skin, get rid of wrinkles and complexes, but also heal their ailments. We remove skin lesions using various types of lasers and surgery. The treatment is preceded by a thorough analysis of the lesions using video dermatoscope, and in cases that raise our suspicions, we do a histopathological examination. The types of lesions we remove include fibromas, angiomas, warts, and moles. We can also eliminate unsightly scars.

We treat excessive sweating using botulinum toxin. We eliminate stretch marks and cellulite with injection lipolysis. We help patients with problems with excessive hair loss by performing mesotherapy.

We also treat lower limb varicose veins, spider veins and capillaries; treatment is preceded by Doppler ultrasound evaluation. Depending on the severity of the condition, we use laser therapy, sclerotherapy, or traditional surgery.

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Plastic surgery

Esthetic gynecology

Urinary incontinence treatment

Hair transplantation, hair loss treatment

Vascular surgery and phlebology

Medical regeneration

Aesthetic medicine

Diagnostic procedures

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