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Gabinet zabiegowy Dermatologia & Medycyna estetyczna Recepcja, poczekalnia Dermatologia & Medycyna estetyczna Recepcja, poczekalnia Dermatologia & Medycyna estetyczna Wnętrza, wystrój Dermatologia & Medycyna estetyczna Aparatura, sprzęt zabiegowy Dermatologia & Medycyna estetyczna Gabinet konsultacyjny Dermatologia & Medycyna estetyczna Gabinet zabiegowy Dermatologia & Medycyna estetyczna Gabinet konsultacyjny Dermatologia & Medycyna estetyczna Zabieg, operacja Dermatologia & Medycyna estetyczna Aparatura, sprzęt zabiegowy Dermatologia & Medycyna estetyczna Wnętrza, wystrój Dermatologia & Medycyna estetyczna Gabinet Dermatologia & Medycyna estetyczna

General information for DERMATOLOGY & Esthetic Medicine

Dr. Dalii Chrzanowski's DERMATOLOGY & Esthetic Medicine clinic is a specialized aesthetic medicine clinic which provides patients with professional treatment of skin problems, beauty imperfections while helping patients retain a healthy young look for a longer. We offer a wide selection of treatment procedures and provide patients with medical, aesthetic dermatology and laser therapy treatment which allows for a comprehensive and non-invasive means of rejuvenating ones skin and improving their appearance.

We provide hyaluronic acid treatments, which help fill wrinkles and improve the appearance of the face, lips and hands, we also provide lip enlargement procedures. We recommend our Hydrolift and our facial volume restoration treatments (SubQ, Voluma). We employ botulin toxin to treat hyperhidrosis, and to help rid of wrinkles, raise eyelids and mouth corners. Our Sculptra formulation makes it possible to regain lost skin volume, while eliminating fine lines and wrinkles.

We offer the Pellevé-Radiage™ treatment, which uses radiofrequency energy (RF) to deliver non-surgical lifting treatment.

We invite you to try our laser therapy treatment, we use a fractional laser to rid skin of scars and signs of photo aging, and we also employ a CO2 laser, which is used to eliminate crow’s feet wrinkles, "warts" and other skin imperfections. We also use an IPL system for hair removal, facial blemish and redness removal.

We use Restylane brand products. We fill wrinkles and raise the skin to eliminate signs of aging (Restylane Perlane). We also smooth out and promote the production of natural collagen (Restylane Vital). To achieve the best results possible both of the above mentioned solutions are used during the Restylane SKINLIFT procedure, which effectively lifts and firms sagging skin. We also offer a non-operative face lift procedure with the use of PDO thread as well as collagen fiber remodeling and skin rejuvenating platelet rich plasma therapy.

We employ mesotherapy to treat cellulite and stretch marks, as well as in treating and preventing hair loss We use an Alidya solution, which works by its ability to form a chelation of metals and cause a dissolution of toxins in fat tissue during the inflammatory stage which is responsible for the formation of cellulite. We also offer pain free Aqualyx lipolysis as an alternative to scalpel based liposuction.

We provide a broad range of medical scrub and Dermamelan treatments. Our procedures significantly improve the condition of your skin and rid your skin of stains.

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High tech equipment

The DERMATOLOGY & Esthetic Medicine clinic has available at their disposal the highest quality treatment equipment, allowing us to provide patients with safe and innovative treatment. The medical equipment we have at our disposal includes, amongst other:

  • Fractional laser - stimulates fibroblasts to promote the production of new collagen fibers. A system which is used in scar reduction treatment (including acne), stretch mark reduction, facial and skin rejuvenation.
  • CO2 laser - a laser system used for precise removal of skin lesions, including hemangiomas, warts and fibromas.
  • IPL - a permanent hair removal system, used in conjunction with other photo aging treatment procedures, acne treatment or to reduce skin discoloration.
  • ELLMAN apparatus - cold wave diathermy emitting RF waves. A device used amongst other for the Pelleve treatment.

Amenities for patients

The patients comfort and wellbeing is most important to us and therefore our goal is to make each visit at Dr. Dalii Chrzanowski's DERMATOLOGY & Esthetic Medicine clinic as enjoyable as possible for the patient.

We guarantee patients professional service, all procedures are performed by an experienced doctor who specializes in rejuvenation and cosmetic imperfection elimination, as well as in treating dermatological conditions.

We custom tailor all treatment procedures to our patients individual needs, allowing us to achieve optimal results. Our services are performed inside a modern facility with the use brand name formulations and safety certified equipment.

Accomplishments and certificates for DERMATOLOGY & Esthetic Medicine

At DERMATOLOGY & Esthetic Medicine patient satisfaction and service quality is our top priority. Our staff systematically continues to improve their qualifications through participation in numerous seminars, training courses and symposiums.

Dr. Dalia Chrzanowska, MD, PhD has all the necessary certificates which confirms her competency in the use of Restylene products and Pelleve treatment, as well as several other relevant advanced training certificates including Azzalure and Sculptra. Amongst others she had participated in the following training courses, laser treatment in esthetic medicine, the use of botulin toxin and hyaluronic acid for wrinkle treatment, medical scrubs and hand contouring and modelling.

Our specialist has appeared in numerous interviews where she had offered advice on skin care in the media.

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