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General information about Dentineo

Dentineo Clinic is a modern facility offering a wide range of professional dental procedures. We do implants using proven implant systems from renowned manufacturers (Dentsply Implants and Neobiotech). Depending on the type of treatment and the individual circumstances, we offer the option of immediate reconstruction with a temporary crown on the implant. We do immediate implant placement (following tooth extraction, during the same procedure), as well as tooth-socket augmentation after extraction using osteogenic biomaterials.

We offer a wide range of prosthetics services. We use Smile Design software to individually design the patent's smile and present the project. We do prosthetics in a short time – in the case of small jobs, up to 48 hours. We rebuild missing teeth using all-ceramic crowns, endocrowns, and bridges. We correct the shape, size or shade of the teeth using ceramic veneers. We also use permanent ceramic inlays and onlays to replace traditional composite fillings.

We offer periosurgical crown lengthening, performed in patients with teeth with subgingival damage and in cases where aesthetic gum correction is required. We also periosurgically treat receding gums. As part of periodontal treatment, we perform guided tissue regeneration using collagen membranes. We surgically clean pockets of inflammation (we perform open and closed curettage).

We treat tooth and periodontal disease. We perform endodontic procedures using a microscope; we always apply a dental dam for safety.

In the near future we plan to expand our range of services to include aesthetic medicine procedures such as rejuvenating treatments using hyaluronic acid.

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Facilities and high-tech equipment

Thanks to leading-edge equipment, we are able to provide patients with quick, painless and effective treatments. We are continuously obtaining new authorizations, thanks to which we can systematically expand our offer. The medical equipment we use includes:

* Quick Sleeper – a painless anaesthesia system from the French company Dental Hi Tec. The unit is microprocessor controlled, and its technology enables transcortical (intraosseous) anaesthesia administration thanks to a special head equipped with a long, thin needle. Using this device, we can anesthetize the area around the tooth without numbing the cheeks and lips, which significantly improves patient comfort.

* Physiodispenser – a device used during surgical procedures, particularly on hard tissues, requiring small rotations and simultaneous cooling with saline. For implant placement, it is used to prepare the foundation for the implant. It can also be used for abutment placement and screwing in implants. The physiodispenser is also used during wisdom teeth removal, bone shaping and smoothing, trephination of the alveolar process, apex resection, and osteotomy.

* X Smart – endodontic micromotor for mechanical root canal preparation. It has a large LCD display and a handpiece with a speed range of 120-800 rotations/min. The device has a compact design, is lightweight and easy to use.

* Ultrasonic scaler – a device designed for scaling, which is the removal of tartar and plaque deposits from the tooth surface. The procedure involves the use of high frequency sounds. As a result of the emission of ultrasounds transmitted through the special nozzle applied to the tooth surface, plaque and tartar are chipped away and the teeth are thoroughly cleaned.

* Canon SRL camera – a professional camera with ring light, which was designed for documenting dental procedures.

For the safety and comfort of our patients

The well-being and comfort of our patients are priorities for us. We are continuously learning and gaining new experiences. We are successively expanding the range of our services so we can offer patients comprehensive dental treatment. We put forth every effort so that our patients feel completely at ease in our clinic. To ensure that patients undergoing treatment at our facility feel safe and comfortable, we have prepared several amenities:

* Modern clinic – all procedures are carried out in a modern facility using the best quality materials and high-tech equipment and devices.

* Comfortable waiting room – patients spend time waiting for consultations or treatments in the large and modern waiting room.

* Air conditioning – for the comfort of our patients and guests, our facility is equipped with air conditioning.

* Beverages for patients – we offer our patients coffee, tea and water.

* For foreign patients – we treat people from Poland and abroad. Our personnel speaks English and German.

* For people with disabilities – people with problems with mobility and patients in wheelchairs can easily get to our clinic thanks to a ramp.

* Payment plans for treatments – to meet the expectations of our patients, it is possible to pay for treatments carried out in our clinic in convenient instalments.

* Parking for patients – patients with cars will have no problems with finding parking – we have our own car park.

* Hotels in the vicinity – near clinic are new, comfortable hotels: Leszczynowy Dworek (Hazel Manor) and Cztery Brzozy (Hotel Four Birches).

Dentineo's achievements and certificates

Our chief assets are knowledge and experience. The director of our clinic, Dr Adam Bielawski, DMD, belongs to a number of recognized national scientific societies, including: the Polish Endodontic Association, the Polish Society of Periodontology, and the Polish National Association of Dental Implantology. He is also a member of international associations such as the International Congress Of Oral Implantologists and the Deutsche Gesellschaft Fur Orale Implantologie. He has completed a number of courses, including implant courses organized by Bicon Poland, as well as the prestigious Implantology Curriculum.

In addition, Dr Bielawski regularly participates in conferences and scientific congresses, which allow him to keep up with the latest scientific reports as well as familiarize himself with innovative treatment techniques. As a result, he gradually implements the newest innovative methods of treatment into the clinic's offer. He has also participated in many symposia, including the XI Scientific Conference of the Polish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry in Warsaw in 2012.

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