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General information about Dental Services

Dent Kraków office is a professional family dental center in Krakow. Our patients are offered comprehensive dental treatments, and our wide range of services allows for performing all procedures in one place saving your valuable time.

Our aim is that the patients of Dent Kraków not only have healthy teeth, but also a beautiful smile. As we own high-class equipment (an X-RAY unit, Beyond - a modern system of whitening teeth ) and use materials of the highest quality, patients can be assured that the treatment in our clinic will be professional, and its results long-lasting.

We are determined to create friendly atmosphere and painless methods of treatment, so that dental procedures become a pleasure and are not associated with fear and pain. It is also the case with our youngest patients: before treatment we use a high-tech computer system SleeperOne prior to administering anesthetic, which removes the fear of syringe and makes the delivery of anesthetic completely painless.

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Equipment and modern apparatus

To make dental treatment not only effective, but also as stress-free and painless as possible, we only use high-tech equipment manufactured by renowned brands. The latest developments in dental equipment facilitate the work of dental specialists and increase a feeling of comfort and safety of the patient, therefore we are able to provide dental services at the highest quality level.

  • A microscope for the treatment of root canals - this modern equipment allows for more accurate and more precise endodontic treatment by working under large magnification.
  • SleeperOne - a microprocessor operated device designed to deliver anesthesia pain-free. It analyzes tissue resistance and adjusts the pressure of the fluid so that it does not exceed patient's threshold of pain.  It is ideal for children and people, who fear the use of a syringe. Additionally, the dentist and the patient are protected against infection by a special form of packing disposable tips to the device.
  • High-tech Radiovideography system - thanks to a digital sensor it allows for a significant reduction in radiation during imaging, which increases patient's safety.  The system allows the doctor to perform additional measurements, such as the measurement of root canal length or relative bone density, and discuss the images visible on the screen with the patient.
  • The Beyond System - a high-tech modern teeth whitening lamp, which enables you to brighten your smile up to 14 shades in a single visit.  The treatment is completely safe and painless, and the results last up to three years.

For the safety and convenience of patients

To ensure our patients with the maximum comfort and ease during their treatment, our clinic has a range of facilities. The advantages of the Dent Kraków clinic, which are designed for patient comfort and convenience, include, among others, the following :

  • Air-conditioned interior - air conditioned waiting room makes the time spend there a pleasant experience.
  • The office is open 7 days a week - we also see our patients on Saturdays and Sundays, so you will not have to wait until Monday if you are experiencing severe pain .
  • Dental emergency services - emergency dental cases are always seen out of order, on the day of arriving at the office.
  • Free check-up - our patients are offered a free oral check-up, and, if necessary, proposed the best line of treatment.
  • Dental treatment of children - as our professionals are prepared to work with the youngest patients, their dental visit in our clinic is a minimum of stress and a lot of fun.  Small patients, who suffer from fear of a syringe, are administered anesthesia with a computerized system SleeperOne and for their first teeth we use color components fillings with Twinky Star glitter.
  • Large free parking lot - our customers with cars can park their vehicles free of charge in the back of the tenement house.
  • Treatment loans - in cooperation with Lukas Bank we offer our patients a possibility to pay for dental treatment in convenient instalments.

Our achievements

Dent Kraków clinic cooperates with qualified and experienced specialist doctors: dentists, orthodontists and dental surgeons. Our team regularly participates in numerous training courses organised throughout the country, and thus we are able to provide you with dental care at the highest level. We're committed to brands recognized globally, state-of-the-art equipment and professionalism of our staff, as well as their individual approach to each patient's needs, which creates a friendly and approachable atmosphere. The effect of our efforts has been a steadily growing number of satisfied customers who recommend our services to their relatives and friends.

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