Dental Implants in Poland

dental tooth implants

Poznań, Polandul. Katowicka 77D


  • Zirconia all-ceramic crown on implant from 403 £
  • Porcelain crown (on metal base) on implant from 403 £
  • All-ceramic connector from 141 £
  • Exposing implant 41 £
  • Consultation with dental implantologist  from 21 £
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Dental Implants in Poland - information

Come to Poland to get your oral implants at competitive prices

Dentistry clinic DENmed Torun Dental Clinic,Toruń
DENmed Torun Dental Clinic, Toruń
Where should you go to have your oral implant surgery performed? It is best to select clinics or dental offices that also carry out other procedures, such as making dentures or bleaching teeth. The more comprehensive the offer the more specialists will be found in the facility. Therefore it is worth to come, if only for the cheap dental implants provided by the Polish clinics. Here, the procedure will be performed at a much lower cost than in other European countries.

The future of dentistry - titanium oral implants

Thanks to implants (titanium inserts surgically introduced to the bone) everyone can now enjoy beautiful teeth. The strong and stable implants assume the role of roots.  Upon insertion, a dental implantologist bonds a prosthetic crown or bridge on the top. The procedure is quick and efficient as well as pain free - dental anaesthesia is administered at every appointment.

Crown bonding is carried out post osseo integration period, i.e. approximately after 6 months. Until this time the patient wears a temporary denture.

Training, talent and skills

The specialists of dental implantology have gained the indispensable knowledge in the Western centres, most of them in Germany. One of those dentists is Dr Marek Gatz (Dens V. I. P. Marek Gatz, Bydgoszcz). He earned the title of an oral implantologist at the University of Johann Wolfgang Goethe in Frankfurt, and his patients know they can trust him, because the physician's professional experience dates back a good several years.

Another clinic worth to mention is Artdentis from Tomaszów Mazowiecki, which is one of the most technologically advanced facilities in Poland. It mainly deals with dental implantology and prosthetics on the inserts. The centre's medical team consists of university clinics employees, including Dr Tomasz Prusek and Dr Elzbieta Krężlik. Another doctor working there is Dr Arkadiusz Krężlik, the specialist of the European Centre for Sudimplant Oral Implantology in Tulouse, a member of the ICOI, DGOI and DGZI and participant of many foreign courses, including these conducted in Ukraine, Cuba, Karlsruhe (Germany) as well as Phnom Penh (Cambodia). His extensive professional knowledge allows for performing even the most complicated surgeries.

Dr Paweł Kucharski (Stomatologia Kucharski, Głogów) has been cooperating with the producers of Friadent, Osteoplanti AlphaBioTec systems ever since 2004. The first facility founded by Dr Kucharski had been the Głogów Centre M&K Dent, then, in 2010 he opened another office, Stomatologia Kucharski (Kucharski Dentistry). He is a member of the European Association of Dental Implantology and the Polish National Association for Oral Implantology. His main interests focus on the innovative ways of teeth restoration, i.e. implanting and other procedures performed with the assistance of the CAD/CAM system. Dr Jacek Czekaj is also the clinic's employee.

In Bydgoszcz, we find a Wident dental centre owned by Dr Piotr Winiarski, M.D., PhD. who is an oral implantologist with nearly 20-year experience. He has completed an oral oral implantology internship in Miami, Florida and earned a TBR system oral implantology surgery certificate at prof. Andre Benhamou's in Toulouse. His professional competences are also proved by the oral implantology certificate awarded by the Polish National Association for Oral Implantology. When planning treatment, Dr Winiarski applies digital pantomography as well as CAT scans.

If you choose to have oral implants surgery, select the best clinics

Specialists from the Care Dental Clinic from ‎Łódź are a group of innovators, who have introduced a computerized treatment planning of implantology-prosthetic procedures by applying the SimPlant (Materialise) system. Their patients undergo routine CAT scans of the jaw and mandible.  The clinic has been accredited by the Nobel Biocare company, which means that their clients obtain international guarantee valid for many years.

Stomatologia Skrzypkowscy (Leszno) is a clinic, where they use the best oral implantology systems - including Branemark System and Alpha Bio. The Centre is headed by Dr Ryszard Skrzypkowski and Dr Mikołaj Skrzypkowski. Over ten years ago, both of them completed a TBR French oral implantology system course followed by earning certificates in the Nobel Biocare as well as Osteoplant systems.  By cooperating closely, they were able to introduce into the clinic's offer the following complex procedures: maxillary sinus lift and guided bone regeneration.

There is a facility in Gdańsk headed by two excellent dentists. One of them is Dr Anna Grodzka-Sarzyńska, who boasts a completion of dental specialization: Master of prosthodontics at the University in Siena and Dr Jerzy Lasowski, a prosthodontist. The clinic's main professional focus is on oral implantology. The implants used in the centre are made of the best materials.

We will also mention the ImplantPlus Center for Oral Implantology and Prosthodontics in Kraków, which employs qualified specialists experienced in oral implantology treatments performed during university studies abroad.  They use the Biomet 3i oral implantology system. Apart from oral implanting the clinic also deals with mini-implants and prosthodontics.

Best implants in Poland!

Is it surprising that the British, Norwegians, Germans and Swedes come to Poland for treatment? No, it isn't, because by doing so they take advantage of the best materials, high-tech facilities, experienced oral implantologists and a cost considerably lower than the ones offered at foreign clinics. Beautiful cities, abundance of historic monuments and greenery in the parks are the extra bonuses for the patients coming to be treated in Poland. For many they are as attractive as the low cost of treatment.

Multi-specialty hospital Zagiel Med Hospital,Lublin
Zagiel Med Hospital, Lublin
Is a dental clinic in Poland a good choice for treatment? Certainly! Medical tourists travelling to Poland for treatment and at the same time visiting the country are absolutely delighted. Why? Because they find large, state-of-the-art clinics, which are patient-friendly and perform the best procedures in Europe. The profession of an oral implantologist is not merely a job in Poland, it is an art. It is estimated that nearly 100% of patients return to their home countries with a bright smile - the one of satisfaction.