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The presented prices of services and procedures carried out by City Clinic are complete, supplied by the provider and verified with the utmost care, but they may differ from the current price. The final price will be provided after consultation with your doctor.

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Our patients can count on professional medical care and access to a large selection of diagnostic services. We offer lab tests, including blood tests, pap smears (cytology, amongst other). We offer imaging diagnostics which includes a wide range of ultrasound tests. Patients are offered internal organ ultrasounds amongst other (eg. Urinary tract, abdomen), genitals, transvaginal ultrasounds during pregnancy, prostate and testicle ultrasounds. We are able to monitor the menstrual cycle with the help of our ultrasound equipment. We perform doppler ultrasounds, breast joint and other ultrasounds.

City Clinic provides patients the opportunity to consult with doctors representing close to 30 specializations. Our facility is staffed with internists and pediatricians who treat internal diseases and refer patients to a specialist when necessary. We also offer consultations with specialist surgeons, cardiologists, urologists and gynecologists.

We offer a broad range of gynecology services. Patients can undergo comprehensive exams including amongst other a colposcopy, ultrasounds and noninvasive prenatal exams and others. We offer proper selection of birth control, placement and removal of intrauterine devices as well as cryotherapy genital wart and cervical erosion treatments. We perform inseminations and provide pregnancies while providing patients with postpartum care.

As part of our esthetic medicine and dermatology offer we provide beauty, rejuvenating and skin nourishing treatments. A specialist experienced in providing esthetic medical treatment performs mesotherapy on facial, neck, cleavage areas as well as hands, platelet rich plasma treatments, hyaluronic acid treatments and Botox injections. We rejuvenate the skin with the help of special peelings (Yellow peel peelings), we remove blemishes (Cosmelan), we provide acne fighting treatments (almond peels). We use electrocautery and cryotherapy to remove warts and treat other skin problems.

We provide dental treatments. At City Clinic we provide restorative dental care and root canal treatments (endodontics), we also provide preventative dental care which includes amongst other scaling, sandblasting cusp sealing and other procedures designed to prevent tooth and periodontal diseases. We treat malocclusions and correct misaligned teeth. Those with missing teeth are offered the latest prosthodontic treatments and implant treatment. Our services include dental surgery including amongst other standard and surgical extractions, abscess incisions, frenulum undercutting, and maxillary sinus lifts (sinus lift). Kids are offered adaptational visits, flavored anesthetic topical gels and colored fillings as well as instructions on maintaining proper oral hygiene, varnish application and other preventive treatments.

We offer a large selection of vaccinations (including amongst other flu, hepatitis, rotavirus, pneumonia) as well as the rehabilitation of both adults and kids. We provide special rehabilitations for high risk postpartum and preterm infants, persons with genetic and discordant psychomotor development disorders as well as other types of disorders which require proper credentials and a specific treatment approach.