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Circumcision in Poland - information

Circumcision - for health and comfort

Circumcision is quite a popular medical procedure, performed, both, for health (in particular with the cases of phimosis or recurrent inflammations of glans penis), religious or aesthetic reasons.  Circumcision involves removing all or part of the foreskin, and can be divided into two basic types: full and partial circumcision which differ from each other by the amount of foreskin removed and the way surgical cuts are performed. Treatment shall be carried out in local anaesthesia, in outpatient conditions, and rehabilitation takes about two weeks, during which you must refrain from sexual intercourse.

State-of-the-art surgery and urology clinics, experienced doctors

The procedure of circumcision is offered by many Polish clinics. One of the facility is the Warsaw Malbad Medical Centre, offering procedures performed by Prof. Wojciech Perdzyński,  M.D., P.hD.. Prof. Perdzyński is one of the most renowned and respected Polish specialists in urology and paediatric surgery, and his knowledge and skills are supported by numerous diplomas and certificates. Prof Perdzyński carries out procedures in the field of urology, including treatments of hypospadias and epispadias, surgical correction of glans defects and deformations, inherent as well as acquired abnormal penile curvatures and performs operations to improve the looks of  external male genital organs.

It is also worth to mention Ars-Medica, the Specialist Surgery Clinic in Kraków, where you can undergo a circumcision treatment carried out in the urology outpatient clinic. The high quality services provided by the clinic are supported by "Stulejka" (Phimosis) vortal, which awarded the first place to the facility for being the best urological clinic in the Lesser Poland area.  The centre offers plastic surgery treatments of the glans and frenuloplasty of prepuce of penis, as well as  specialist urology consultations and ultrasound examinations. Urology treatments are performed by a group of highly qualified urologists boasting many years of professional experience: Jerzy Pilch, M. D., P.hD., Mirosław Fortuna, M. D., and Jacek Drabina,  M. D..

Circumcision in Polish clinics

Another great facility offering the treatment of circumcision is a private Urology practice in Wroclaw, led by Dr Piotr Szulc. Dr Szulc is an experienced urologist with many years of professional experience, a graduate from the Medical University in Wrocław and the Head of Urology Department in the Specialist EuroMediCare Hospital.

Men wishing to undergo the procedure of circumcision can also visit the Clinic of Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine and Phlebology "Solumed" in Poznań. This state-of-the-art facility offers a wide variety of treatments for men, including surgical treatment of gynecomastia, hair transplantation and numerous aesthetic medicine procedures.

The city of Szczecin hosts The Urological Office of Dr Ryszard Derleta, M. D., P.hD. - a graduate of The Faculty of Medicine at the Pomeranian Medical University and second degree specialist in general surgery and urology.  Dr Derleta offers his patients a wide variety of urology surgery treatments, including preputioplasty, frenulectomy and laser removal of genital warts. 

If you wish to see Łódź, the procedure of circumcision is offered at a private Pulsmed hospital.  The urology specialist operating at the clinic is Dr Dariusz Dobrowolski, who also performs other surgeries, such as  frenuloplasty, hydrocele and bladder polips removal  as well as varicocele surgeries. The high-quality of treatments carried out in the hospital is additionally supported by an ISO 9001-2008 certificate awarded to the facility.

Patients staying in Katowice can go to the Mazan Surgery Clinic, located in a new, well-equipped building, offering patients high quality intraoperative digital x-ray device. The treatments are carried out at an operating unit including two operating theatres and a room of continuous medical supervision.  The surgery specialists operating at the clinic are: Grzegorz Kowalski, M. D., P.hD and  Robert Król, M. D., P.hD.

In Poland, the procedure of circumcision is highly cost-effective

Circumcision in Polish clinics is much cheaper than in the UK, Germany or the USA: in Poland the treatment of circumcision can be performed at PLN1500-2000 (e.g. in Katowice Centrum Estetyki Ciała, surgery prices start from PLN1500), however at the London Modern Cosmetic Surgery, an average cost of the treatment is £700, which is more than PLN3200.  The prices in Germany or the United States are similar, therefore foreign patients are increasingly visiting Polish specialists. A trip to Poland is also a great opportunity for the patients to rest and sightsee the attractions of the beautiful Polish cities.