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The presented prices of services and procedures carried out by Centrum Medyczne MML are complete, supplied by the provider and verified with the utmost care, but they may differ from the current price. The final price will be provided after consultation with your doctor.

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We accept: credit card, cash, bank transfer, treatment in installments,

The MML Medical Center offers a wide selection of diagnostic services to help treat internal. ENT, ophthalmology and other types of disease. Our facility is outfitted with high end equipment (including amongst other a videonsytamograph, audio meter, fibroscope, 3D tomography unit), allowing for precise imaging during the examination of organs and making it possible to determine the origin of the patient’s condition.

Our facility offers consultations with specialists from such branches of medicine as laryngology, ophthalmology, alleregology and neurology. We also provide patients with internal medicine and dietary consultations. When visiting our specialists patients are given a precise diagnosis followed by an appropriately selected treatment plan.

We also provide surgical treatments. We provide patients with nasal surgical treatments, maxillofacial surgery as well as ophthalmology and plastic surgery based treatments. We treat sports related injuries and offer musculoskeletal surgical treatments. Those wishing to restore youthful appearance can take advantage of our minimally invasive methods of wrinkle removal. We offer treatments with the use of Botox and wrinkle filling and stimulating preparations.