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Breast augmentation - round breast implants in Poland - information

The popularity of breast implants is growing

There is an increasing number of women around the world who wish to increase the size of their breasts. At present, the most popular method for breast augmentation is a surgery with a variety of implants. Spherical implants are used for post-partum breast shaping and size correction, to remove excess skin or augment a flat chest. The implant is inserted through a small incision (3-4 cm) performed in the armpit, infra-mammary fold or around the areola.  Prior to surgery patients are treated with general anaesthesia and a week after the procedure the sutures can be removed.

Best known surgeons performing breast augmentation with spherical implants

There are many facilities performing surgeries with spherical breast implants but The Plastic Surgery Clinic of Dr Andrzej Sankowski in Warsaw is one definitely worth to mention. It is a state-of-the-art clinic with the most technologically advanced medical apparatus (the clinic is equipped in many high-tech devices including the innovative Proslim Gold appliance for muscle electrostimulation, Triwings multifunctional laser or Sollux lamp used for post-operational rehabilitation). It offers a plethora of plastic surgery procedures including breast shaping, reconstruction or augmentation. The clinic's doctors who carry out these procedures are: Dr Andrzej Sankowski, M.D., PhD Dr Wojciech Witkowski, M.D., PhD Dr Lubomir Lembas, M.D., PhD and Dr Janusz Greese-Łyko.

Ladies also appreciate the Bieńkowski Medical Centre in Bydgoszcz operating on the medical market since the year 2003. The center is ISO 9001:2008 certified, which guarantees the highest quality of the procedures performed.   Plastic surgery operations are carried out by Dr Wiesław Bieńkowski - a specialist in general and plastic surgery with over thirty years of professional experience.  Dr Bieńkowski systematically develops his skills by participating in a variety of professional courses and trainings hosted in Poland and abroad. He attended courses held in Polanica Zdrój, Paris, Yokohama, Vienna, Rome, Athens and Buenos Aires.

Breast implant augmentation - where to go?

Spherical implants are offered by the clinic Linea Corporis - Chirurgia Plastyczna (Plastic Surgery) in Warsaw, awarded a prestigious "Pain-free hospital" certificate. Plastic surgery procedures at the clinic are performed by Dr Slawomir Łoń, M. D., PhD and  Dr Jarosław Stańczyk, M. D., PhD – experienced plastic surgeons and members of the Polish Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

The Wiatroszak - EST medica Clinic in Wrocław is also a recommendable choice. It offers a wide variety of plastic surgery procedures. Patients of the clinic can have their breasts augmented with spherical implants as well as undergo other  aesthetic procedures such as breast lift, areola size reduction or protraction of inverted nipples. Plastic surgery procedures at the clinic are performed by Dr Marcin Wiatroszak.

Patients wishing to have their breasts augmented with spherical implants can also visit the MediKlinika in Szczecin. MediKlinika offers a variety of breast correction procedures including breast lift, breast reduction, areola correction and breast augmentation with anatomical or spherical implants. The treatments are performed by two experienced plastic surgeons: Dr Beata Marszałek and Dr Jaroslaw Tribull-Potapczuk, M. D., PhD.

Aquarius Beauty Center in Kołobrzeg also presents their patients with spherical implants breasts surgeries. The procedures are performed by Dr Andrzej Krajewski, M. D., PhD. Dr Krajewski is a plastic surgeon with many years of professional experience and an active member of numerous notable scientific societies including the Polish Association of the Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

One more facility that offers spherical breast implants is Klinika Chirurgii Plastycznej i Medycyny Estetycznej Sfera (The Sfera Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic) with two locations in Warsaw.  The clinic offers a modern, air-conditioned operating theatre and the breast augmentation procedures are performed by a group of experienced plastic surgeons such as Dr Maria Kościszewska, Dr Janusz Obrocki and Dr Sylwia Daniluk.

We compared the prices - breast implants are cheapest in Poland!

Breast augmentation with spherical implants costs much less in Poland than in the clinics abroad.  At the Aquarius Beauty Center you can be treated with this type of procedure for a mere 11,500 zlotys, while in clinics on the British Isles the prices start with £4,000 (E.G. at McDarmid Hall Clinic in Derriford the price of the procedure varies between £4,250 and £4,900, an equivalent of about 19,125 to 22,050 in Polish zlotys). Prices in Germany and the USA are just as high, therefore more and more ladies who wish to have their breasts augmented with spherical implants come to Poland for treatment and at the same time take a wonderful holiday sightseeing the monuments and visiting tourist centres.