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We are proud to offer an extremely wide range of treatments and procedures. Hair removal is conducted using the IPL and RF systems, as well as the Light Sheer Duet system. We also use wax and sugar paste. Clients who want to get rid of local deposits of excess fat, will find a wide range of procedures. These include photo-firming - where we use an applicator that emits light and radio frequency with a high-energy - and non-surgical body contouring using Exilis or Velashape. We also use volumetric thermotherapy utilizing a bipolar head that produces radio waves. Clients with cellulite can undergo ultrasound lipolysis. We remove the unaesthetic "orange peel" skin using the innovative Cellu M6 Integral endermologie device. The Lippomassage method we use consists of vacuum massage using computer-controlled massage rollers, which shape the body and also smooth, nourish and rejuvenate the skin. These procedures are for both women and men.

We regenerate tired and grey skin with signs of aging with no-needle mesotherapy using the TMT System device. We also use Sculptra to reduce wrinkles and restore skin firmness. We reduce lines, fine and deep wrinkles with Botox injections and hyaluronic acid-based fillers. Our clients can count on Exilis non-surgical face lift. In addition, we perform injection-based mesotherapy and laser therapy We also perform procedures consisting of mechanical exfoliation of the epidermis, in other words the skin regenerating diamond microdermabrasion. We carry out slimming, remineralizing, and anti-cellulite procedures. We use Thalgo brand products containing sea mud, essential oils, algae, and sea salt.

We offer professional facial cleaning treatments and cavitation peeling, which is a non-invasive procedure to remove dead skin cells using ultrasound. In our beauty salon, you can also take advantage of the indoor tanning solarium and infrared sauna. Clients who like the latest developments will enjoy spray tanning from the Australian company Techno Tan. We recommend it to people with very fair skin who cannot use classic tanning beds. Our wide range of procedures includes comprehensive hand and foot treatments. We offer several types of manicures and nail extensions with gel and acrylic. We also extend lashes and do various types of makeup.

What we treat

Our medical team consists of experienced beauticians as well as physiotherapy and aesthetic medicine specialists. We treat cellulite and various types of skin diseases. We remove stretch marks and acne, postoperative and post-traumatic scars using fractional laser. We also use it to reduce acne and remove hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. The innovative CO2 laser we use is very effective in eliminating broken capillaries (spider veins) on the face and legs. To remove hyperpigmentation of the skin and acne scars, we also use innovative IPL technology based on light therapy and chemical peels using Mediderma brand products. With their help, we remove symptoms of acne, rosacea, folliculitis, and psoriasis. We treat sunburns, hypopigmentation, and seborrhoea. We also treat hyperpigmentation using Cosmelan and Dermamelan preparations.

We treat varicose veins of the lower limbs using sclerotherapy. We perform injection-based mesotherapy, administering hair nourishing substances into the skin (including organic silica, trace elements, vitamins or anti-inflammatory drugs). We help people suffering from excessive hair loss. For patients with obesity, arthritis, orthopaedic injuries, and diseases of the circulatory system, we offer massage with stones (hot basalt and cold marble). We recommend them for clients with paralysis, paresis, and Raynaud's disease. We also offer peels to prepare the skin for the summer, such as Body Peel treatments for the whole body.

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