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The presented prices of services and procedures carried out by Ars Estetica Wrocław are complete, supplied by the provider and verified with the utmost care, but they may differ from the current price. The final price will be provided after consultation with your doctor.

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Patients who visit the Ars Estetica clinic are provided with a wide selection of lasertherapy treatments. We remove hemangiomas, reduce rosacea and erythema, close enlarged capillaries and perform the latest T3 photo rejuvenating treatments with the help of a high end Fotona SP Dynamis laser, we improve the skins tone, perform laser microdermabrasion and eliminate wrinkles and scars with the use of a Mosaic eCO2 laser, our clinic is also outfitted with a Fraxel Re: Store laser used to treat acne and post operative scars and sun damage, fine wrinkles and senile keratosis. We perform laser treatments of hyperhidrosis, laser hair removal and laser dermabrasion, our offer also includes the latest Twinlight treatment, which guarantees visible skin lifting results, improving facial contours and increasing the skins elasticity.

We perform a variety of esthetic medical treatment procedures, allowing for comprehensive and minimally invasive skin treatments which stop signs of skin ageing. We remove facial lines and wrinkles with the help of filling injections as well as botulin toxin, we also treat sagging of mouth corners, nasolabial folds and wrinkles of varying depths with the use of fillers containing hyaluronic acid ( amongst other Juvederm, Juvederm Voluma, Restylane, Surgiderm, Perfectha Derm andNeauvia Organic). We firm the skin, making it tighter with the help of a high tech Ulthera device, we offer biostimulation of skin cells with the Regeneris platelet rich plasma therapy and improve the skins condition with the help of mesotherapy treatments, we also offer lip contouring with hyaluronic acid as well as depigmentation therapy with the use of Amelan and Cosmelan products. We perform the latest radio frequency treatments which allow for a visible increase in skin density, reducing wrinkles, we also offer our patients different kinds of peeling treatments selected according to the patients needs ( including amongst other (glycol peels, almond peels, yellow peels, TCA acid peels). Our patients can also take advantage of several different cosmetic treatments, such as ODED and Taffy permanent makeup application, spray tanning and eyelash extensions according to the 1:1 method.

Our offer also includes numerous esthetic and plastic surgery treatments. We perform body shaping treatments with the help of the patients own fat tissue, surgical treatment of protruding ears and breast enlargement surgery with the use of silicone inserts or the patients own fat tissue, we also offer surgical correction of the shape of the buttocks ,cheek shaping, reconstruction of a torn earlobe and abdominal plastic surgery. For those wishing to effectively rid of excessive fat tissue from different areas of their body we offer liposuction and laser lipolysis treatments, patients can also take advantage of ultrasonic liposuction with the use of the VASER Lipo device. We provide skin firmness restoring treatments, which restore the skins firmness and tone with the help of Silhouette Soft and Aptos threads, which not only provide lifting but also biorevitalizing results. We offer facial, brow and forehead lifts, surgical treatment of gynecomastia, eyelid and nose corrections as well as dermatologic surgery, hand surgery, treatment of burn scars and clefts.

The clinics offer includes noninvasive technologies which allows for a noninvasive means of ridding of excessive fat tissue, body shaping and elimination of cellulite as well as innovative UltraShape treatments ( mechanical breakdown of fat tissue with the use of concentrated energy pulses), Liposhock (a combination of acoustic ShockWaves increasing in pressure and concentration of dual frequency ultrasonic waves) and Velasmooth ( a a patented technology based on three sources of energy, consisting of infared light (IR), bipolar high frequency current (RF) and a pulsed vacum.

Treatment procedures offered by us

At Ars Estetica we treat various skin problems. We treat acne vulgaris and rosacea with the use of laser treatments, properly selected peels, laser and laser dermabrasion, we successfully remove scars, blemishes and redness. We remove unesthetic skin problems such as general warts, seborrheic and flat warts, fibromas, lipomas and keloids. With the help of our laser treatments we can eliminate broken facial capilaries, we also offer treatments for oily and dry skin and close up enlarged pores.

An important part of our offer includes the treatment of varicose veins of the lower limbs. Minor problems are treated by means of vascular scleropathy with the use of foam or a liquid and in some cases we perform sclerotherapy with the use of an ultrasound for the removal of larger varicose veins in the lower limbs. The clinic is outfitted with the latest endoluminal lasers with a wavelength of 980nm and 1470nm, which allows for safe and effective removal of varicose veins using the laser method. Our patients can also take advantage of of the latest technologically innovative technique in the field of varicose vein removal - Steam Vein Sclerosis which utilizes steam.

We provide effective cellulite and stretch mark treatments, utilizing the latest technologies and laser treatment techniques, we also help our patients rid of excessive fat tissue and treat obese trouble areas as well as effectively remove excessive body hair. We help treat hair loss with the use of mesotherapy treatments as well as Regeneris platelet rich plasma therapy. We offer our patients treatments for excessive sweating from armpit, hand and foot areas with the use of a laser and botulin toxin injections. 

We perform the latest, non invasive esthetic gynecology treatments which allow for the restoration of elasticity and structure of a womans private area. Our offer includes the Intiminalase treatment, allowing for a non invasive shrinking of the vagina and serves as an ideal alternative to surgical treatment. Intimalase is the latest method in treating cases of loose vaginal muscles, the effectiveness of the treatment relys on a photo thermal reaction between the laser and the mucous membrane, stimulating a collagen remodelling action and consequently decreasing the looseness of the vagina. Our offer also includes the Incontilase - a non invasive laser treatment for woman suffering from stress urinary incontinence. Both procedures are performed with the use of a high end Er: Yag laser.