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The medical staff at Ars Estetica is comprised of doctors with several years of professional experience who are specialists of several branches of medicine. The founder of the clinic is Dr. Wojciech Rybak, MD/PhD (specialist surgeon, phlebologist and certified doctor of esthetic medicine, graduate of the Wroclaw Medical University, staff members also include prof. Zbigniew Rybak, MD/PhD - a specialist of general, angiology and vascular surgery, an expert with several years experience with the Department of General, Vascular and Transplant Surgery in Wroclaw, twice awarded by the Ministry of health, Dr.Maria Rybak, MD/PhD (Gastroenterologist, specialist of internal medicine and certified doctor of esthetic medicine), member of the Polish Association of Esthetic Medicine and Anti-Ageing and the Polish Association of Gastroenterology, Dr.Ireneusz Siewiera, MD/PhD (specialist of plastic surgery and esthetic medicine, graduate of the Medical University in Wroclaw and member of the Polish Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Esthetic surgery) as well as Dr. Diana Kupczynska, MD/PhD - a graduate of the Medical University in Wroclaw, faculty of Medicine who is also a member of the Polish Society of Phlebology and specializes in phlebology and esthetic gynecology treatments.

Staff members also include Magdalena Łączek our cosmetologist (cosmetology graduate of the Graduate School of Physiotherapy in Wroclaw, who has gained professional experience while undergoing training in Germany and also while practising at prestigious Wroclaw based esthetic medicine clinics, she specializes in laser therapy and body shaping), as well as Danuta Kamińska - an anesthetist nurse with close to thirty years of professional experience , who holds a Norwegian nursing license which she obtained while working on contract at the Academic Hospital in Oslo.

In order to uphold the highest quality treatment and safety standards for our patients, our doctors regularly participate in continuing education and attend special courses and training sessions as well as scientific symposiums and conferences both domestically and internationally to help broaden their level of knowledge and skills. During their participation our doctors get acquainted with the latest developments in the field of phlebology, surgery and esthetic medicine, allowing us to offer our patients the highest quality world class treatments, according to the latest developments in medicine. Amongst the numerous training courses , seminars and scientific congresses which our doctors have attended, it is important to highlight their participation in the Conference of the World Union of Phlebology in Boston , a scientific-training conference “Venous insufficiency and its complications in pregnant women”, International Symposium of Plastic Surgery in Polanica Zdroj as well as a scientific - training conference of the Polish Society of Phlebology and the Polish Society of Wound treatment, dedicated to compression therapy and treatment of chronic wounds. Our doctors are also members of prestigious Polish and international scientific societies, amongst which and worth highlighting is the Polish Society of Phlebology, The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS), The Polish Society of Esthetic Medicine and Anti Ageing as well as the American College of Phlebology (ACP).

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Doctor at Ars Estetica Wrocław

MD Ireneusz Siewiera

plastic surgeon Wrocław

Dr. Ireneusz Siewiera, MD/PhD is a specialist in plastic surgery and is a doctor with several years of professional experience. He completed his studies at the Medical Academy in Wroclaw in 2001, obtaining his MD qualification. After completing his postgraduate ... more »

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