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The clinic offers a full range of treatments in aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, vascular surgery, and laser therapy. We are constantly learning and broadening our knowledge so we can offer our patients the highest quality of services.

For the safety and comfort of our patients, the clinic has been equipped with only original and innovative laser systems, thanks to which it is possible to achieve excellent results.

The clinic has a Milesman 810nm diode laser, which is one of the most effective systems for removing unwanted hair. In patients with more complex problems like ingrown hair or perifollicular inflammation, we use the high-tech Gemini 1064nm laser. Thanks to this system, laser hair removal is effective even in patients with light hair and those with dark skin. The main use of the Gemini laser is to treat various types of vascular changes, such as enlarged blood vessels and capillaries, strawberry marks and port wine stains (PWS). It is still the only laser of this type in Poland.

The Mosaic eCO2 laser system enables smoothing out rough surfaces as well as rejuvenating and cleaning the skin, leaving it smooth and radiant. In the case of deep scars and stretch marks that require stronger treatment, the device allows performing a deep skin peel, i.e. laser dermabrasion. If you wish to only clean the face and get rid of blackheads, shrink visible pores, and regain radiance, we do a layered skin exfoliation treatment - laser microdermabrasion. The fractional CO2 laser is used to reduce stretch marks and scars (after burns and injuries, postoperative, and acne). In order to improve skin firmness and to rejuvenate, we perform a laser lift procedure.

Procedures using botulinum toxin and fillers smooth out horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, crow's feet, deep nasolabial folds and expression lines. In order to intensively refresh skin, the clinic offers treatments using platelet-rich plasma – Regeneris or Proteal. The therapy is recommended primarily to people whose skin requires revitalization.

To improve skin firmness (lift), we most often usd technologies such as Zaffiro, emitting infrared (IR) light, Mosaic eCO2 laser, and Ulthera ultrasound therapy. Zaffiro is used to rejuvenate the skin by stimulating collagen fibres. Ulthera is ideal for patients with advanced skin flaccidity, with drooping eyelids, lowered eyebrows, double chin, cheeks, flaccid skin on the cheeks, etc. and for smoothing out smoker's lines and crow's feet.

To significantly rejuvenate the skin of the face and improve facial contour, we do facelifts using absorbable or permanent APTOS threads. The threads have special cones that anchor themselves in the tissue and lift it effectively. The clinic also has bioabsorbable and permanent Silhouette Soft threads with lifting and biorevitalizing properties.

To reduce locally localized fat tissue and contour the body, we use the high-tech Maximus TriLipo RF device, which uses radio frequency energy. The device is also used for improving facial contours. For patients who also want to firm the skin and get rid of cellulite, we recommend LipoShock. In order to intensify the effects, we do lymphatic drainage using the Body Mix device.

What we treat

In our clinic, patients can undergo treatment of skin diseases of various etiologies.

We take care of all skin types (dry, sensitive, oily, and mature) by performing treatments with the FaceLab device. During procedures, we use modern laser systems, including the Gemini laser, which is used to treat telangiectasias, erythema, and venulectasias. We also use it to treat rosacea and various types of angiomas – cherry, spider, haemangioma, or port wine stains.

We treat common acne with the help of peels (glycolic and almond) and treatments using Dermalogica preparations. We also use laser dermabrasion and laser microdermabrasion. We eliminate hormonally-induced spots (melasma, chloasma), melanoderma, and sunspots on the hands with Amelan/Cosmelan therapy or laser systems such as Gemini. We treat skin lesions such as seborrheic warts, fibromas, and angiofibromas. We remove keloids and lipomas.

People with a grey and dull complexion can undergo mesotherapy. We also carry it out in women struggling with cellulite and stretch marks and patients with the problem of hair loss and weak hair. We often recommend mesotherapy as a supplement to other treatments to people with dark circles under their eyes.

Ars Estetica clinic can help patients confronted with the problem of excessive sweating of the armpits. During the therapy, we use a diode or neodymium laser to remove the sweat glands. We treat excessive sweating of the hands and feet with botulinum toxin.

We offer a range of treatments for lower limb varicose veins, ranging from sclerotherapy and endoluminal laser therapy with a wavelength of 980nm and 1470 nm, to steam ablation. We carry out the treatments after the patient has undergone Doppler ultrasound (Doppler Duplex) of the venous system, and the whole procedure is also performed using ultrasound.

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