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General information about Ars Estetica Warsaw

Ars Estetica clinic has a wide spectrum of medical devices intended for, among others, non-invasive body contouring, treatments to improve the condition of the skin, and removal of vascular changes and pigmented lesions. Treatments are carried out by experienced specialists in vascular surgery, general surgery, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology.

We have a range of laser systems, including the high-tech Nd:Yag/KTP Gemini laser from Laserscope/Iridex and Mosaic fractional eCO2 laser from Lutronic. These systems are used to rejuvenate the face and body, remove hyperpigmentation, stretch marks and all types of scars (including postoperative, acne scars, and after injuries), and to treat of acne and vascular changes. We use diode lasers for hair removal treatments as well as for laser treatment of excessive sweating.

We offer endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) of lower limb varicose veins using the most modern endoluminal lasers with a wavelength of 1470 nm. We also have an innovative device for steam ablation of varicose veins – Steam Vein Sclerosis (SVS).

We have a wide range of equipment and preparations for rejuvenating the skin of the face and body. We fill wrinkles with hyaluronic acid based preparations using products from renowned companies, such as Juvederm, Restylane, Surgiderm, Perfecta Derm, and Neauvia Organic. We also use hyaluronic acid for lip shaping and augmentation; while most frequently, we remove wrinkles and expression lines with botulinum toxin (Botox) injections.

We carry out lifts using absorbable and non-absorbable threads, Silhouette and Aptos. In addition to laser treatments, to improve the condition of the skin, we also use platelet-rich plasma therapy using Regeneris and Proteal.

We non-invasively remove unnecessary adipose tissue using RF wave energy (Maximus TriLipo RF); we also improve skin tone using Zaffiro technology. We shape and contour the body, and eliminate cellulite using a variety of methods, including treatments using LipoShock and Body Mix, which combine local cryotherapy, photostimulation and endodermic massage.
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Facilities and high-tech equipment

Our offices are well-equipped. We are gradually acquiring more medical devices, so we can broaden the range of services we provide. Our patients can count on innovative methods of treatment and access to the latest techniques. The medical equipment we use includes:

  • Steam Vein Sclerosis – an innovative device from the French company, Cerma, intended for treating varicose veins with steam ablation. Using it, our specialists close winding venous dilations located directly under the skin.
  • Gemini laser – Nd:Yag laser from the American company Iridex/Laserscope. It operates on two wavelengths (532 nm and 1064 nm), enabling the system to act on structures located at varying depths. The laser has been equipped with a unique cooling system integrated with the treatment head.
  • Diode laser for laser hair removal – a laser with a wavelength of 810 nm. It is used for laser hair removal.
  • Mosaic eCO2 laser – a device for smoothing the skin. The radiation emitted from the head is divided into thousands of tiny streams of high energy which penetrate deep into the dermis. In the place of the laser emission, microscopic openings surrounded by healthy tissue form, which directly simulates the skin to intensively regenerate. The effect of treatment with the Mosaic eCO2 laser is lifting of the skin and rapid improvement in its firmness as well as significant reduction of fine lines or deep acne scars.
  • Body Mix – a device that combines endodermic massage, photostimulation, and local cryotherapy. It has a tip that generates variable pressure, which results in the treated area being drawn into the mushroom-shaped cylinder head.
  • Maximus TriLipo RF – an apparatus for reducing fat tissue and for rejuvenating treatments. It uses three-polar radio frequency technology, evenly covering and warming the patient's skin. It is equipped with a TriLipo DMA head designed for facial treatments.
  • LipoShock – an apparatus for body contouring using ultrasound. Treatments using this device are called ESWT (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy), and the result of the procedure is better blood supply to tissue, cellulite reduction and an increase in metabolism and nutrition of the treated area.
  • Ulthera – an apparatus for generating ultrasounds interacting only at the place of their focus under the skin. Focused ultrasound energy (sequences of streams) penetrates deep beneath the surface layers of the skin, and there as a result of coagulation, tissue contraction occurs. The device has an ultrasound monitor, thereby allowing seeing the tissue; and hence, greater precision during treatment.
  • Zaffiro – a device designed to stimulate collagen. It emits an infrared light (IR) with a wavelength of 750-1800 nm, which causes overheating of the collagen fibres, resulting in skin contraction and improvement of firmness.
  • FaceLab – an apparatus used for comprehensive care of the face (including the delicate areas of the mouth and eyes). Its technology is a combination of four treatment techniques: water peel, ultrasound, radio waves, and infrared light IR. The device won an award for best treatment in aesthetic medicine – the Prix de Beaute – awarded by "Cosmopolitan" magazine.
  • 980nm Diode Laser - used to reduce local accumulations of excess fat and to treat excessive sweating of the armpits.

For the safety and comfort of our patients

We strive to provide patients with the highest quality of service. We are continuously updating our knowledge and gaining new experiences by attending courses and trainings as well as by participating in conferences. We work exclusively using high-tech medical equipment, which allows us to offer quick, painless, and effective procedures. To ensure that patients visiting our facility feel safe and comfortable, we have prepared several amenities:

  • Modern clinic – treatments and procedures take place in our well-equipped clinic. Its interiors are tastefully designed, so that our guests feel well and comfortable with the knowledge that they are in a place where the well-being of patients is a priority.
  • Comfortable waiting room – patients spend time waiting for consultations or treatments in the cosy and elegantly furnished waiting room. Stylish interiors in neutral colors allow our guests to relax and unwind, and the comfortable wide seats ensure their comfort. Time spent in the waiting room is filled with interesting magazines; we have also prepared snacks in the form of fruit.
  • Parking for patients –the clinic offers free guarded parking, which is located at the rear of the building. You can drive in from Zelazna street.

Ars Estetica Warsaw's achievements and certificates

Our clinic has many advantages. Our greatest advantage is our well-qualified medical team consisting of specialists in various fields of medicine, including doctors, cosmetologists, physiotherapists, and nurses. Our team's constant desire to broaden the scope of their knowledge enables us to offer patients the highest quality of services. In 2011, two of our doctors – Dr Maria Rybak and Dr Wojciech Rybak – were in the group of 99 specialists to be awarded prestigious certificates within the framework of Polish Certification Program of Doctors of Aesthetic Medicine, an initiative of the Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging (PTMEiAA).

What makes us stand out is our drive to systematically implement innovative techniques. Dr Wojciech Rybak along with his father, Prof Zbigniew Rybak, were the first in Poland to use foam sclerotherapy using ultrasound to treat large varicose veins of the lower limbs. In addition, we were the first clinic in Poland to obtain the innovative Gemini laser system from the company Laserscope.

Our doctors often act as experts in the media, commenting on the pages of widely read magazines and web portals. You can read the interviews on,,, and, among others. They have also been published in magazines such as "Gala", "Medycyna urody", "Uroda", "Gentleman", "ABC urody", and "Zdrowie i uroda".