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General information about the Anna Pikura Clinic in Gdynia

In our clinic, we use modern cosmetology equipment, so that we can carry out a range of treatments in the field of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. Treatments are non-invasive and are an excellent alternative to plastic surgery. The care programs we offer combine the advantages of biologically active collagen and botanical cosmetics with technologically advanced equipment. Our own, retaining youth, programs are very safe, and the effects of improving beauty are long-term. Our customers can enjoy the unique ANNA PIKURA cosmetics not only during treatment, they can also purchase them and extend their treatment at home.

Collagen, botanical cosmetics and modern beauty equipment resulting from a cooperation of scientists and researchers from Polish academic centers. With individual technology, they have managed to keep the spatial structure of collagen and its full biological activity. Our cosmetics are fully natural.

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Accessories and modern equipment

The Collagenic Renewal Clinic in Gdynia has modern equipment. This makes it possible to perform a range of treatments in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. Many treatments are carried out using collagen cosmetics by Anna Pikura, which allows achieving much better and more long-lasting effects.

  • MAGIC SLIM, a machine for ultrasonic liposuction for performing ultrasonic liposuction. Body shaping occurs as a result of cavitation, which leads to damage and breaking up fat cells. It is an effective method in the treatment of difficult areas, thighs, buttocks, shoulders and hips. The treatment is assisted with AP BIOAKTIV Graphite application into the skin, which improves the quality of blood vessels and lacks of collagen.
  • Diamond microdermabrasion machine is used for exfoliation of the stratum corneum. It is equipped with diamond heads with different gradations with stepless adjustment of vacuum. By using diamond microdermabrasion the skin is refreshed and smooth and the processes of renewal and collagen production are stimulated.
  • MEZOFORTE, a machine for needleless mesotherapy is a device for introducing active substances into the skin by electroporation. The active substances are transported deep into the skin as a result of the phenomenon based on the so-called transdermal therapeutic system (TTS). It is a non-invasive equivalent of a needle mesotherapy.
  • Time Machine Revitalization is used to remove the signs of aging, flaccidity of the skin, cellulite. The device is based on electromagnetic waves of radio frequency. The machine’s heads generate intense heat, which leads to contraction of collagen fibers. As a result, the skin is tighter, firmer and smoother. Another effect is long-term stimulation of skin renewal and collagen production.
  • Dermomassage TIME MACHINE by ANNA PIKURA is a device designed to eliminate cellulite and the excess of fat. The use of this innovative technique allowed for a combination of vacuum with a classic manual massage. The treatment is effective and non-invasive.

For the safety and comfort of patients

ANNA PIKURA brand products are of high quality and completely safe as well as fully natural. Their production uses only tested and certified components. The use of our own technology of collagen production has enabled preserving its natural spatial structure, which has resulted in high quality products.

Luxury organic, hypoallergenic skin care cosmetics are designed for people who want to take care of their beauty in a natural way. All products can be used in non-invasive treatments offered by the Collagenic Renewal Clinic and are an excellent alternative to plastic surgery.

We want our customers to have access to our natural cosmetics, that is why we have enabled purchase in our online store. In addition, we have created over a hundred points of sale throughout the country, where you can purchase the full range of our products.

Achievements and certificates of the Anna Pikura Collagenic Renewal Clinic in Gdynia

The ANNA PIKURA brand is a relatively young brand offering luxury eco-hypoallergenic cosmetics for skin care. Her debut took place at the beauty fair in Bologna in 2010, i.e., during one of Europe's largest events in the cosmetics industry. Outstanding quality, naturalness and safety of the products quickly won the trust of customers. Now you can take advantage of the treatments based on collagen preparations in the three reputable Collagenic Renewal Clinic and purchase products in more than a hundred locations in the country.

All products and equipment offered under the ANNA PIKURA brand have been developed by Polish scientists and researchers – they are also produced in Poland, which is the company's pride. By deploying our own technology, we are able to produce high quality, biologically active collagen, which retains its spatial structure and is characterized by a very high efficiency. Our flagship product is the SACRUM cream which "guesses" the needs of the skin and can intelligently react to them. It can be used regardless of gender and age. Effects of the universal cosmetic treatment are sensational in any case.

High quality, efficacy and safety of the products have been repeatedly singled out and rewarded. The most important for us are the awards for the quality of products. In 2011, during the prestigious Polish pro-quality program organized by the editors of Business report in "Dziennik Gazeta Prawna", under the auspices of the Polish Centre for Testing and Quality Certification, we received the titles of the Quality of the Year and the Quality of the Year, Gold and Eco-Quality of the Year. In earlier editions of the program, we were awarded silver within Quality of the Year 2010 in the product category for luxurious botanical preparations by ANNA PIKURA and Quality of the Year 2009. At the International Fair of Lodz in 2008 we won the Crystal Venus prize, awarded for the best product in the category “care products”. We also received a diploma of a Cosmetics Industry Leader 2009 in the category "Best Collagen Cosmetics". Our products have been recognized by the readers of the portal for a cosmetic Hit of the Month of May.

Klinika Anna Pikura Clinic Gdynia

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