Anal bleaching in Poland

laser anal bleaching

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Laser anal bleaching becomes increasingly fashionable

Bleaching has become one of the most popular treatments in the recent years. We bleach everything: teeth, skin, remove stains and freckles and recently the fashion for bleaching reached the area of private parts as well. Facilities, which offer the treatment of anal bleaching enjoy increasing popularity among patients. One of the reasons is that procedures performed at beauty studios are more permanent than home treatments with bleaching creams advertised on the Internet.

What is anal bleaching?

Laser anal bleaching is performed by a specialist exposing the anus to the light of Fotona erb laser. As the treatment may cause some discomfort to the patient, the doctor cools the treated area by blowing cold air onto it.  After laser bleaching the skin around the anus might be a little red and irritated, it also requires intensive moisturising.  The following conditions are not recommended when you wish to undergo anal bleaching: pregnancy, cancer and skin damage in the area of the anus. It is worth pointing out that in order to achieve a satisfactory effect it is often necessary to perform at least two treatments depending on the natural skin colour in the area of the anus.

Where can I go for anal bleaching?

Laser anal bleaching can be carried out at the Warsaw Gold Clinic - Medycyna i Ginekologia Estetyczna. The treatments of this type are performed by Dr Maciej Rogala - an experienced aesthetic medicine as well as anaesthesiology specialist, member of the Polish Society for Aesthetic Dermatology and lecturer at the International Anti-Aging Centre for Education. The facility also offers a wide variety of other beautifying gynaecology treatments, including labia laser bleaching, revitalization and reduction as well as vaginal reduction.

Another recommendable facility offering laser anal bleaching is the Medifem clinic in Warsaw. The clinic is located in a state-of-the art building, furnished with Hepa fiters air-conditioning system. Specialists performing the intimate parts beautifying procedures are: Dr  Andrzej Barwijuk, M. D., PhD and Dr Michal Barwijuk. The clinic also offers other gynecological beauty procedures such as vaginoplasty, G-point augmentation or liporeduction of mons pubis. The staff's utmost priority is to make patient feel comfortable and relaxed therefore all the procedures are performed discreetly in a cordial atmosphere.

Patients who wish to undergo a procedure of anal bleaching can also visit Dr Marek Kowalik, the head of Gabinet Ginekologii Estetycznej i Medycyny Estetycznej (Aesthetic Medicine and Beautifying Gynecology Office). Dr Kowalik continuously develops his qualifications by participating in various courses and trainings, including a training course: "Female aesthetic genital surgery"

Laser anal bleaching is also performed at the Studio Medycyny Estetycznej i Laseroterapii Vesuna (Vesuna Aesthetic Medicine and Laser therapy Studio) where the procedures are performed by Dr Róża Sobocińska, an Ob-Gyn. Vesuna offers a wide variety of aesthetic gynaecology treatments for ladies, who wish to improve the looks of their private parts or their sexual satisfaction. Vesuna's patients are offered laser urinary incontinence treatment, laser vaginal reduction or labia bleaching.

A wide variety of aesthetic gynecology treatments is also offered at the Klinika Ziemlewski's offices located in Warsaw, ‎‎Łódź and Wrocław Labia bleaching is performed by Dr Agnieszka Osińska, a member of the Polish Gynecological Society, laser therapy and hyaluronic acid injection techniques specialist. Dr Osińska is continually developing her qualifications by participating in a wide variety of courses and trainings. She took part in the course: "Aesthetic surgery of women's external genitals, the application of radio-frequency in surgery" as well as: "Non-invasive techniques of revitalizing women's external genitals".

Polish clinics offering anal and genital bleaching

Although anal bleaching is relatively not very popular, it has recently been gaining a lot of interest with both of the sexes.  Apart from the Poles, other nations such as the British, Germans or Americans started undergoing bleaching procedures of intimate parts, the anal area in particular.  In foreign clinics the procedures of anal bleaching are much more expensive (e.g. in the USA you need to spend approximately $1000, and Polish facilities offer the treatment for about PLN1000-15000, therefore more and more foreigners are determined to undergo the procedure in Poland and at the same time visit the many attractions offered by the greatest cities in the country.