Obesity treatment with Medsil gastric balloon

Medsil is a gastric balloon filled with physiological saline solution, used for weight reduction both in moderately overweight patients and patients with morbid obesity. The therapy usually takes about six months and enables the reduction in body weight by 25–35% on average.

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Overweight and obesity are currently two of the most common civilization diseases associated mostly with the sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, and unhealthy, too rich in calories diet. The statistics show that about 50% of women and 40% of men in Poland are overweight, and about 20% of the population are obese.

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However, what not everybody realizes is that excess kilograms are not only an aesthetic problem but a health issue as well. They lead directly to many serious illnesses, including diabetes, arterial hypertension, arthrosis, and cardiac illnesses, it also increases the risk of malignancies.

The balloon treatment involving the placement of a special gastric balloon filled with air or physiological saline solution in the patient’s stomach is one of the medical methods of fighting overweight and obesity used in the cases where diet and exercise failed to yield the expected results. This procedure belongs to the so-called incision-free medical procedures, that is, it does not require surgical cutting.

The purpose of a gastric balloon is to partially fill the volume of the stomach (eve up to 70% of capacity), which reduces the patient’s ability to ingest food and makes the feeling of satiation to occur earlier. The method is applicable both in relatively slightly overweight patients as a therapy to increase the comfort of life and in morbidly obese patients.

MedSil – a balloon filled with physiological saline solution

One of the gastric balloons commonly used in clinics in Poland is the balloon filled with physiological saline produced by the Russian company MedSil. The product has the European Certificate of Safety CE, and all production stages comply with the ISO 13485 norm (a quality management system for medical products).

The balloon is inserted under a short-term general anaesthesia. A balloon is introduced with a probe (gastroscope) through the oral cavity and left in the stomach after being filled with physiological saline solution (usually 400–700 ml) to the appropriate size. A special endoscopic camera used during the procedure allows the physician to control its course on a monitor screen. For 2–3 days after treatment, the patient may experience a temporary discomfort, nausea, flatulence, or even vomiting as the body becomes accustomed to the presence of a foreign body.

The average duration of therapy (carrying a balloon in one’s stomach) is about six months, with an average weight loss of 25–35%. We should remember, however, that the balloon is only one component in the effort of slimming: it allows to limit the craving for food but does not make it unnecessary to introduce and observe a healthy lifestyle, diet, and physical activity adequate to one’s abilities.

Treatment of obesity with a Medsil gastric balloon
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The cost of obesity treatment with a MedSil gastric balloon ranges between 6 and 7 thousand PLN.

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