Laser treatment of haemorrhoids in a single visit

Laser treatment of haemorrhoids in a single visit

Today, a person with pain caused by haemorrhoids does not have to undergo invasive surgery. They can undergo laser treatment in a single visit. This type of treatment does not require hospitalization for more than 24 hours, and general anaesthesia is not necessary. It leaves no scars; the procedure requires only a small puncture of the haemorrhoid.

Haemorrhoids cause not only pain affecting normal functioning but also shame. Many patients delay visiting the colorectal surgeon until the pain is so severe that it cannot be treated pharmacologically. Often the severity of the disease is so serious by then that it seems surgery is unavoidable.

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Currently, there are several treatment methods for haemorrhoids, or piles. In addition to surgical excision using a scalpel, doctors use less invasive methods, from rubber band ligation and cryotherapy to laser treatment. Laser therapy is highly effective, does not require general anaesthesia, and allows for a rapid return to daily activities. It is no wonder that more and more patients are interested in laser therapy for haemorrhoids.

Laser therapy for haemorrhoids

Laser treatment of haemorrhoids is known as the LHP method (laser haemorrhoidoplasty). Colorectal surgeons consider it a minimally invasive technique for treating third and fourth degree haemorrhoids. Laser therapy is painless and involves the creation of controlled radiation by means of laser fibres. Acting on the haemorrhoid from the inside, the laser causes its reduction and gradual closing.

The small invasiveness of laser technology enables a small puncture of the haemorrhoid. Compared with conventional surgery, there is no large wound, and it does not require cuts or stitches. The rectal mucosa and the anal skin (anoderm) are not damaged.

The advantages of haemorrhoid laser treatment are: minimized risk of damage to the anal sphincter, and a significant reduction of pain during the recovery period. It is carried out under short general, local or epidural anaesthesia. It is performed as part of One Day Surgery, so that the patient does not have to remain in hospital for longer than 2-24 hours.

The treatment helps reduce the risk of haemorrhoid recurrence and is safe – it has been thoroughly clinically tested.

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