Breast augmentation with Aquafilling Bodyline

Larger, rounder and firmer breasts – every woman dreams of a beautiful, tempting bust that catches the eyes of men and arouses the envy of other women. Modern medicine gives women plenty of opportunities to become the owners of perfect breasts. In addition, they can do this without invasive surgery under general anaesthesia, no scars, or painful several week-long recovery. Recently, another treatment joined the non-invasive methods of breast augmentation – procedures with Aquafilling Bodyline.

Breast augmentation is the most popular procedure for women. In view of the unwaning interest of patients in breast augmentation, scientists have continued to develop other less invasive methods that look natural. One of the latest surgical techniques – already available on the Polish market – is a breast augmentation method using Aquafilling Bodyline.

What is Aquafilling Bodyline?

Aquafilling Bodyline is a preparation designed for contouring and body shaping. It is an innovative hydrophilic gel, composed of saline (98%) and polyamide (2%), a salt binding substance that gives the preparation the appropriate volume. The gel is used to correct soft tissue imperfections, including eliminating deformations resulting from liposuction or plastic surgery. It can be used to shape the shoulders, rounder buttocks, and enlarge breasts.

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Treatment with Aquafilling Bodyline is an innovative method of non-surgical correction of the shape and size of the breasts. Doctors have successfully used it to eliminate defects resulting from surgical procedures (e.g., tissue loss) and to treat breast asymmetry.

Breast augmentation with Aquafilling Bodyline

The breast augmentation procedure with this innovative gel takes about 1.5 hours and only requires local anaesthesia. To prevent discomfort, the doctor numbs the skin at the injection site and adds the anaesthetic to the preparation itself. Aquafilling Bodyline is injected into the skin with a needle or cannula, thereby minimizing the risk of injury. After the procedure, there are no signs of the injection on the skin.

The procedure is minimally invasive, allowing the patient to leave the clinic immediately after its completion. It does not require a long recovery as opposed to conventional breast augmentation surgery using implants. Within just 24 hours after injecting the gel into the soft tissues, the woman can return to her daily activities. The results are noticeable about a week after the procedure.

Breasts augmented with Aquafilling Bodyline look natural. According to Dr Maciej Rogala from the Gold Clinic in Warsaw, treatment with this preparation is very safe, and no one will be able to tell whether the patient augmented her breasts in a doctor's office or if they are natural. In an interview in 2013 with the portal, the surgeon added that the results of the procedure last over 5 years.

During the first treatment, a maximum of 150 ml can be injected into each breast. If a woman wants to enlarge her breasts more, she can undergo a subsequent procedure after three months.

Aquafilling Bodyline breast augmentation
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