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SVS - painless steam varicose vein removal

05 February 2016

SVS, a minimally invasive method for closing diseased veins with pressurized steam, a relatively new method which is becoming more popular amongst physicians who specialize in this area of medicine. more »

“Spray cartilage” – innovative treatment for joints

14 December 2015

Stem cells are used in a number of medical fields for the purposes of tissue regeneration. The unusual regenerative capacity of these cells offers hope for minimally invasive treatment for degenerative joint disease and other damage of the articular and skeletal systems. Now the hopes are even greater because specialists from Brzeziny managed to employ an innovative method of administration of cells on the surface of the damaged joint for the repair of a knee joint – will the “spray cartilage” become a new standard in our country? What makes it stand out from the methods used so far? more »

Knee arthroscopy – prices of the procedure in Poland and abroad

11 December 2015

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedure on a knee joint. Unlike surgical procedures, it leaves minimum scars, the patient does not need to be hospitalised and the recovery process is shortened to a minimum. What is the price of the procedure in Poland, and is there any point in using the services of foreign clinics? more »

Varicose vein treatment using VenaSeal - intravascularly administered adhesive agent

11 December 2015

A new method of treating venous insufficiency is the VenaSeal technique, developed by specialists from the American company Sapheon. The procedure using VenaSeal consists of sealing a vein using an innovative glue administered intravascularly. Treatment does not require anaesthesia, is short, and satisfactory results are attained quickly. more »

How to prevent varicose vein formation

08 December 2015

Varicose veins are not only unsightly, they are also the cause of serious complications and pain. Untreated, they can sometimes become skin discolorations, hardening of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, and finally venous ulcers. Treatment can be long and sometimes painful. Therefore, it is better to follow a few basic rules to avoid these unsightly skin changes. more »

Cruroscopy treatment for varicose veins of legs

07 December 2015

Chronic venous insufficiency, whose symptoms include varicose veins, afflicts more and more people. The complications caused by untreated venous insufficiency include physical defects, venous thromboembolism and venous thrombosis. more »

ClariVein – minimally invasive treatment for varicose veins

05 December 2015

Classic treatment for varicose veins of lower extremities used to involve a high risk of recurrence and required a long recovery process. Today’s medicine is experiencing rapid development of minimally invasive techniques that ensure speedy recovery and low rate of recurrence. One example of a therapy consistent with the trend is the ClariVein procedure. more »

ClariVein treatment for varicose veins of legs

04 December 2015

The aim of contemporary medical procedures is to minimise the invasiveness, eliminate the symptoms and reduce the risk of occurrence of complications. The ClariVein method is an innovative treatment for fast and minimally invasive elimination of varicose veins, and an interesting alternative to surgical and laser treatment. more »

Laser treatment for varicose veins of legs

01 December 2015

Endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) is a method of occlusion of an incompetent vein through insertion of a special optical fibre into the vein, that emits energy which makes the vein shrink and close. In many cases it can serve as a minimally invasive alternative to a classic surgical procedure – Babcock’s stripping. more »

Non-surgical treatment for varicose veins of lower extremities

30 November 2015

Varicose veins of lower extremities are a common problem considered to be a disease of affluence. Until recently the only effective treatment option was an unpleasant surgical procedure that entailed a long recovery process. With the development of technology new, minimally invasive methods emerged based on laser light, radio waves or steam. more »