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Recepcja, poczekalnia Ars Estetica Wrocław
Recepcja, poczekalnia Ars Estetica Wrocław
Wnętrza, wystrój Ars Estetica Wrocław
Gabinet zabiegowy Ars Estetica Wrocław
Recepcja, poczekalnia Ars Estetica Wrocław
Recepcja, poczekalnia Ars Estetica Wrocław
Wnętrza, wystrój Ars Estetica Wrocław
Udogodnienia dla pacjentów Ars Estetica Wrocław
Recepcja, poczekalnia Ars Estetica Wrocław
Recepcja, poczekalnia Ars Estetica Wrocław
Gabinet Ars Estetica Wrocław

Opis placówki

Ars Estetica is a modern and fully-equipped medical facility which offers its patients a wide selection of services ranging from medical treatments, esthetic surgery to laser therapy which allows us to offer comprehensive and minimally invasive skin rejuvenating and body shaping treatments. We offer the latest treatments designed to improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin (Ulthera, radiofrequency, volumetry), we rid the skin of various skin problems such as acne, discolouration, redness, enlarged capillaries and scars, we have the technology to provide you with quick and effective body shaping (Velasmooth, UltraShape and Liposhock treatments), our offer also includes different techniques in treating varicose veins of the lower limbs ( sclerotherapy, laser treatments and the use of the latest Steam Vein Sclerosis device) as well as cosmetic treatments.

Excellent treatment results and patient safety re our main priority which is why we have outfitted our facility with the latest high end medical equipment, manufactured by world world renowned companies. Our clinic is outfitted with amongst other Fotona SP Dynamis, Mosaic eCO2 and Fraxel Re: store lasers, we also have an Ulthera lifting device for non-invasive lifting, a medical device for the latest non invasive method of cellulite removal, biorevitalization, Lavatron LVT 250 skin lifting and a high end 3D Vectra XT imaging camera used for taking images of all body parts.

Our high end equipment is just as important to us as the competencies and knowledge of our doctors, which is why Ars Estetica is staffed with specialists from several branches of medicine who have many years of experience and who frequently participate in continuing education courses, special training sessions, seminars and scientific congresses both domestically and internationally to further develop their professional competencies and skills. Our doctors are also members of numerous prestigious Polish and international scientific associations, including the Polish Society of Phlebology, Polish Society of Esthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging, the American College of Phlebology (ACP), the International College of Surgeons and the Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Esthetic Surgery.

It is important for us that all patients who visit our clinic experience a warm and welcoming environment, which is why our friendly and competent staff members will make you feel right at home and our doctors will dedicate their time and effort to answer each patient’s questions and individually select an appropriate treatment program. Our clinic is housed inside modern and spacious interiors, designed in compliance with the highest standards and well decorated with elegant colours.

High tech equipment

We are aware of the fact that the latest, most effective and safe treatment procedures can only be performed with the use of high end equipment, which is why we have fitted our clinic with the latest high tech equipment, produced by leading manufacturers of medical equipment around the world. Our medical equipment has all of the necessary safety certificates, reassuring our patients that their treatments will be performed as safely as possible. Our clinic is outfitted with the following and includes amongst other.:

  • Fotona SP Dynamis laser - the latest high end laser system, consisting of two lasers an Nd: Yag and Er: Yag laser, which allows us to perform a wide range of treatment procedures. The laser is used during amongst other procedures involving the closing of enlarged capillaries, reduction of acne rosacea, erythema as well as hemangiomas, while also allowing us to perform T3 photo rejuvenating skin treatments (Nd:Yag laser light) and fractional rejuvenating treatments by means of smooth ablation (Er:Yag laser light). The device makes it possible to reach deeper layers without damaging the epidermis, as well as the ability to perform an ablation of the epidermis and skin one micron at a time. Thanks to the special features of the manually operated lens, it is possible to treat both large areas as well as barely visible problem areas, the advanced safety and pulse feedback control system (EFC) guarantees a high level of safety during treatment.
  • Mosaic eCO2 laser - one of the most effective laser devices, used to firm and smooth the skin. The laser beam penetrates deep into the skin and instantly evaporates tissue, creating microscopic openings which stimulates skin regeneration. The device allows us to eliminate wrinkles and visually rejuvenate facial skin, as well as remove scars and blemishes giving us the ability to perform complete laser skin peels and laser microdermabrasion. The Mosaic eCO2 laser treatments can be performed safely on the entire body, even on the delicate skin of the neck, cleavage and hands.
  • Jeisys Nd: Yag TriBeam Q-Switch laser - the latest in laser blemish and tattoo removal, the advanced technology behind this laser allows for treatment without damaging any tissue surrounding the treated area. The use of a 532nm laser allows for the removal of blemishes and tattoos red, orange and purple in colour, on the other hand the 1064nm laser allows for the removal of skin discolourations (Beckers and Ota nevus) and the removal of tattoos red, blue and brown in colour as well as a cold laser peels.
  • Cynosure Cynergy laser - a state of the art platform used to treat different types of vascular problems such as flat hemangiomas, PWS nevus’s and “cherry angioma” type vascular problems as well as redness. A dual wavelength camera: 585 nm and 1064 nm, both wavelengths are combined together in a unique and patented technology Multiplex (MX), which proves to be more effective than the use of a single wavelength, guaranteeing more effective treatment results.
  • Hair removal laser - our clinic uses the latest device which allows for the removal of excessive body hair even for those with a darker complexion.
  • Fraxel Re: Store laser - a state of the art laser, used for amongst other the removal of post operative and acne scars, sun damage and fine lines above the upper lip and around the eyes. The laser light penetrates deep into cell tissue beneath the skin as well as the dermis to create a uniformly spaced micro thermal area. The device is FDA certified, it’s completely safe for use on patients.
  • VASER Lipo - an innovative American system used for liposuction treatments, its effectiveness is dependant on the use of ultrasonic energy waves. During treatment ultrasonic waves selectively target fat tissue while not damaging surrounding nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue. The device not only allows for an effective means of dissolving fat but also allows for a precise way of shaping ones body, making it possible to achieve results similar to those of a person who works out heavily at the gym. The device is so effective that in 2002 VASER Lipo received FDA approval which guarantees safe treatments with its use. Ars Estetica has the latest third generation of the device available at the clinic.
  • Ulthera- a state of the art device which uses ultrasonic energy to shrink and re-shape tissue. The generated ultrasonic waves become focused when passing deep within the skin, allowing the external layers to remain unaffected. The ultrasonic waves create a thermal coagulation point and in term force the body to respond by synthesizing new collagen, which in turn leads to firming, lifting and tightening of the skin. It is important to note that the device is equipped with an ultrasound screen, which makes it possible to view the tissue and have direct control over the treatment process, guaranteeing effectiveness, safety and accuracy.
  • Liposhock - a device which uses a combination of sound ShockWaves (SW) with increasing pressure and concentration of dual frequency ultrasonic waves to eliminate local excessive fat tissue and cellulite even in the most recalcitrant parts of the body. Additionally the treatment also smooths out, firms the skin and improves the flow of lymph throughout the body which in turn reduces the feeling of heavy legs and swelling.
  • Velasmooth - a high tech device which uses patented and clinically tested ELOS technology (Electro-Optical Synergy), which is based on the combination of infared light (IR), bipolar high frequency current (RF) and pulsed vacuum pressure. It is used to reduce cellulite and during the removal of excessive fat tissue as well as for body shaping. It is one of the first of its kind device for cellulite removal and has FDA approval.
  • Ultrashape - a device which uses innovative ultrasonic technology for noninvasive and painless elimination of excessive fat tissue. Thanks to the devices ability to target select select fat tissue, the device makes it possible to permanently reduce the amount of fat on select areas of the body. Additionally the advanced track-control device makes it easy to deliver energy in a uniform and complete manner, which in turn makes it possible to obtain smooth and uniform contours of the body.
  • Lavatron LVT 250 - a medical device for advanced noninvasive removal of cellulite, biorevitalization and skin lifting. The device uses electromagnetic waves of a frequency between 0, 3 MHz and 10 GHz, which penetrates the tissue at an appropriate depth and stimulates fibroblast activity and the synthesis of new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production in the skin.
  • Steam Vein Sclerosis - an innovative device introduced by CERMA a French firm, allowing for treatment of varicose veins of the lower limbs with the use of steam. The energy required to close a vein is delivered with the help of clean water, delivered in doses at a micro scale in the form of water vapour. Steam is delivered to the pathologically altered vein with the help of a very thin catheter, which guarantees very good cosmetic results. Treatment with the help of this device is very safe and comfortable because there is no risk of piercing the vessel wall or permanent discolouration, right away after treatment the patient can return to his daily activities. It is important to note that the treatment of varicose veins with the Steam Vein Sclerosis method when compared to other endovascular treatment methods allows for the closure of even winding veins located just below the skin.
  • Vectra XT - a high tech device which allows for anatomical imaging of the patients shape in 3D and presenting the information on a computer monitor. The device has a wide range of uses for many different plastic surgery treatments, especially for facial and breast treatments. The device has a very high resolution, which makes it possible to see even the tinniest possible details while at the same time maintaining optimal imaging quality. 

Safety standards and amenities for our patients

The comfort level and well being of our patients is our main priority, which is why we place specific emphasis on making our patients visit at Ars Estetica the most pleasant and friendly as possible. We have specifically tailored our facility with the following amenities for our patients:

  • Modern interiors- Ars Estetica clinic is housed inside modern, spacious and bright interiors, designed and equipped in accordance to the highest standards concerning such facilities.
  • Comfortable waiting area - patients await for treatment in a comfortable, elegant waiting area, with maintained neutral colours.
  • Competent staff - our friendly staff are responsible for maintaining the highest possible quality standards for our patients, who will be happy to answer all of your questions and clarify any possible ambiguities. The doctors who work at our clinic place primary emphasis on the comfort and satisfaction of our patients, which is why we devote a maximum amount of attention and time to our patients so we can properly establish a treatment plan custom tailored to the patients needs and preferences, for the best possible treatment results.
  • Patient parking - patients arriving by vehicle can park their vehicles in a designated parking area located on ul.Radosna.
  • For the international patient - in order to make communication with foreign patients as convenient as possible, our staff is capable of communicating with patients in the English language.

Visits' and treatments' price list

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Plastic surgery

General and vascular surgery


Esthetic gynecology

Vascular surgery and phlebology

Medical regeneration

Aesthetic medicine

Massage and manual therapy

Diagnostic procedures

The presented prices of services and procedures carried out by Ars Estetica Wrocław are complete, supplied by the provider and verified with the utmost care, but they may differ from the current price. The final price will be provided after consultation with your doctor.

We accept

We accept: credit card, cash,

Patients who visit the Ars Estetica clinic are provided with a wide selection of lasertherapy treatments. We remove hemangiomas, reduce rosacea and erythema, close enlarged capillaries and perform the latest T3 photo rejuvenating treatments with the help of a high end Fotona SP Dynamis laser, we improve the skins tone, perform laser microdermabrasion and eliminate wrinkles and scars with the use of a Mosaic eCO2 laser, our clinic is also outfitted with a Fraxel Re: Store laser used to treat acne and post operative scars and sun damage, fine wrinkles and senile keratosis. We perform laser treatments of hyperhidrosis, laser hair removal and laser dermabrasion, our offer also includes the latest Twinlight treatment, which guarantees visible skin lifting results, improving facial contours and increasing the skins elasticity.

We perform a variety of esthetic medical treatment procedures, allowing for comprehensive and minimally invasive skin treatments which stop signs of skin ageing. We remove facial lines and wrinkles with the help of filling injections as well as botulin toxin, we also treat sagging of mouth corners, nasolabial folds and wrinkles of varying depths with the use of fillers containing hyaluronic acid ( amongst other Juvederm, Juvederm Voluma, Restylane, Surgiderm, Perfectha Derm andNeauvia Organic). We firm the skin, making it tighter with the help of a high tech Ulthera device, we offer biostimulation of skin cells with the Regeneris platelet rich plasma therapy and improve the skins condition with the help of mesotherapy treatments, we also offer lip contouring with hyaluronic acid as well as depigmentation therapy with the use of Amelan and Cosmelan products. We perform the latest radio frequency treatments which allow for a visible increase in skin density, reducing wrinkles, we also offer our patients different kinds of peeling treatments selected according to the patients needs ( including amongst other (glycol peels, almond peels, yellow peels, TCA acid peels). Our patients can also take advantage of several different cosmetic treatments, such as ODED and Taffy permanent makeup application, spray tanning and eyelash extensions according to the 1:1 method.

Our offer also includes numerous esthetic and plastic surgery treatments. We perform body shaping treatments with the help of the patients own fat tissue, surgical treatment of protruding ears and breast enlargement surgery with the use of silicone inserts or the patients own fat tissue, we also offer surgical correction of the shape of the buttocks ,cheek shaping, reconstruction of a torn earlobe and abdominal plastic surgery. For those wishing to effectively rid of excessive fat tissue from different areas of their body we offer liposuction and laser lipolysis treatments, patients can also take advantage of ultrasonic liposuction with the use of the VASER Lipo device. We provide skin firmness restoring treatments, which restore the skins firmness and tone with the help of Silhouette Soft and Aptos threads, which not only provide lifting but also biorevitalizing results. We offer facial, brow and forehead lifts, surgical treatment of gynecomastia, eyelid and nose corrections as well as dermatologic surgery, hand surgery, treatment of burn scars and clefts.

The clinics offer includes noninvasive technologies which allows for a noninvasive means of ridding of excessive fat tissue, body shaping and elimination of cellulite as well as innovative UltraShape treatments ( mechanical breakdown of fat tissue with the use of concentrated energy pulses), Liposhock (a combination of acoustic ShockWaves increasing in pressure and concentration of dual frequency ultrasonic waves) and Velasmooth ( a a patented technology based on three sources of energy, consisting of infared light (IR), bipolar high frequency current (RF) and a pulsed vacum.

Treatment procedures offered by us

At Ars Estetica we treat various skin problems. We treat acne vulgaris and rosacea with the use of laser treatments, properly selected peels, laser and laser dermabrasion, we successfully remove scars, blemishes and redness. We remove unesthetic skin problems such as general warts, seborrheic and flat warts, fibromas, lipomas and keloids. With the help of our laser treatments we can eliminate broken facial capilaries, we also offer treatments for oily and dry skin and close up enlarged pores.

An important part of our offer includes the treatment of varicose veins of the lower limbs. Minor problems are treated by means of vascular scleropathy with the use of foam or a liquid and in some cases we perform sclerotherapy with the use of an ultrasound for the removal of larger varicose veins in the lower limbs. The clinic is outfitted with the latest endoluminal lasers with a wavelength of 980nm and 1470nm, which allows for safe and effective removal of varicose veins using the laser method. Our patients can also take advantage of of the latest technologically innovative technique in the field of varicose vein removal - Steam Vein Sclerosis which utilizes steam.

We provide effective cellulite and stretch mark treatments, utilizing the latest technologies and laser treatment techniques, we also help our patients rid of excessive fat tissue and treat obese trouble areas as well as effectively remove excessive body hair. We help treat hair loss with the use of mesotherapy treatments as well as Regeneris platelet rich plasma therapy. We offer our patients treatments for excessive sweating from armpit, hand and foot areas with the use of a laser and botulin toxin injections. 

We perform the latest, non invasive esthetic gynecology treatments which allow for the restoration of elasticity and structure of a womans private area. Our offer includes the Intiminalase treatment, allowing for a non invasive shrinking of the vagina and serves as an ideal alternative to surgical treatment. Intimalase is the latest method in treating cases of loose vaginal muscles, the effectiveness of the treatment relys on a photo thermal reaction between the laser and the mucous membrane, stimulating a collagen remodelling action and consequently decreasing the looseness of the vagina. Our offer also includes the Incontilase - a non invasive laser treatment for woman suffering from stress urinary incontinence. Both procedures are performed with the use of a high end Er: Yag laser.

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Placówka Ars Estetica Wrocław została oceniona przez pacjentów jako znakomita. Średnia ocena wynosi 4.7 w skali 5 stopniowej i została skalkulowana na podstawie 318 opinii użytkowników z 3 różnych źródeł internetowych.


318 ocen
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"Ars Estetica to jedna z placówek, których klienci nie mogą się nachwalić. Umawiamy tam setki wizyt rocznie. Z wypowiedzi Pacjentów wynika, że oceniają bardzo wysoko Klinikę zarówno pod względem organizacyjnym, jak i sposobu traktowania Pacjenta. Lekarze poświęcają tyle czasu, ile faktycznie dany Pacjent potrzebuje. Spokojnie i z cierpliwością wyjaśniane są nawet najbardziej zawiłe kwestie związane z zabiegami. Profesjonalizm i uprzejmość obsługi to wizytówka placówki. A przede wszystkim Klienci są bardzo zadowoleni z efektów zabiegów." - Agnieszka Z. (Doradca Pacjenta w

Opinie pacjentów

23 kwietnia 2019


5,0 - Agnieszka
Miła i fachowa obsługa. Personel był bardzo wyrozumiały i opowiedział na wszystkie moje pytania i prośby.
Endovenous laser treatment for varicose veins (kwiecień 2019)
MD Wojciech Rybak
Ala G.
21 lutego 2019

Czuję się świetnie

5,0 - Ala G.
Wszystko mi się podobało
Bardzo dobra i fachowa opieka lekarza i pielęgniarki podczas zabiegu. Cały personel widoczny dla mnie w klinice miły i pomocny , w pracy powiedziałam ,że chciałabym żeby moje koleżanki choć raz spróbowały takiego leczenia w waszej klinice i zobaczyły ogromną różnicę w stosunku do państwowych zakładów służby zdrowia. Bardzo dziękuję
Endovenous laser treatment for varicose veins (luty 2019)
MD Wojciech Rybak
9 listopada 2017

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5,0 - Sylwia
Fachowa porada, miła i sympatyczna Pani doktor Kupczyńska. Szybko i profesjonalnie przeprowadzony zabieg.
Liquid sclerotherapy for varicose veins (listopad 2017)
MD Diana Kupczyńska
11 stycznia 2018

Serdecznie polecam

5,0 - Katarzyna
Czysto, miła obsługa, bez opóźnień (wizyta odbyła się o umówionej porze)
Tear trough - wrinkle repair with hyaluronic acid dermal filler (grudzień 2017)
MD Diana Kupczyńska
17 grudnia 2017

Miło, szybko, bezboleśnie

5,0 - Gosia
Miła, profesjonalna obsługa, punktualność
Endovenous laser treatment for varicose veins (grudzień 2017)
MD Diana Kupczyńska
24 stycznia 2018

Było profesjonalnie i miło

4,0 - Małgorzata
Wizyta się opóźniła
Podejście do pacjenta. Miła obsługa
Phlebological consultation (styczeń 2018)
MD Wojciech Rybak
20 listopada 2017


5,0 - Danusia
Strome schody
Obsługa, fachowość, punktualność
Laser therapy for hyperhidrosis (listopad 2017)
MD Wojciech Rybak
18 listopada 2017


5,0 - Kuba
Miło, Szybko, Bezboleśnie
Endovenous laser treatment for varicose veins (listopad 2017)
MD Wojciech Rybak
2 listopada 2017

Zadowolenie z zabiegu

5,0 - piotr1012
Mila, fachowa obsługa. bardzo kompetentna.
Varicose Vein Removal by Steam Vein Sclerosis (wrzesień 2017)
MD Wojciech Rybak
4 grudnia 2017

Jestem zadowolona.

4,0 - Sylwia
Szybko i bezboleśnie przeprowadzony zabieg
Lower limb varicose vein treatment (listopad 2017)
MD Diana Kupczyńska

Our team

The medical staff at Ars Estetica is comprised of doctors with several years of professional experience who are specialists of several branches of medicine. The founder of the clinic is Dr. Wojciech Rybak, MD/PhD (specialist surgeon, phlebologist and certified doctor of esthetic medicine, graduate of the Wroclaw Medical University, staff members also include prof. Zbigniew Rybak, MD/PhD - a specialist of general, angiology and vascular surgery, an expert with several years experience with the Department of General, Vascular and Transplant Surgery in Wroclaw, twice awarded by the Ministry of health, Dr.Maria Rybak, MD/PhD (Gastroenterologist, specialist of internal medicine and certified doctor of esthetic medicine), member of the Polish Association of Esthetic Medicine and Anti-Ageing and the Polish Association of Gastroenterology, Dr.Ireneusz Siewiera, MD/PhD (specialist of plastic surgery and esthetic medicine, graduate of the Medical University in Wroclaw and member of the Polish Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Esthetic surgery) as well as Dr. Diana Kupczynska, MD/PhD - a graduate of the Medical University in Wroclaw, faculty of Medicine who is also a member of the Polish Society of Phlebology and specializes in phlebology and esthetic gynecology treatments.

Staff members also include Magdalena Łączek our cosmetologist (cosmetology graduate of the Graduate School of Physiotherapy in Wroclaw, who has gained professional experience while undergoing training in Germany and also while practising at prestigious Wroclaw based esthetic medicine clinics, she specializes in laser therapy and body shaping), as well as Danuta Kamińska - an anesthetist nurse with close to thirty years of professional experience , who holds a Norwegian nursing license which she obtained while working on contract at the Academic Hospital in Oslo.

In order to uphold the highest quality treatment and safety standards for our patients, our doctors regularly participate in continuing education and attend special courses and training sessions as well as scientific symposiums and conferences both domestically and internationally to help broaden their level of knowledge and skills. During their participation our doctors get acquainted with the latest developments in the field of phlebology, surgery and esthetic medicine, allowing us to offer our patients the highest quality world class treatments, according to the latest developments in medicine. Amongst the numerous training courses , seminars and scientific congresses which our doctors have attended, it is important to highlight their participation in the Conference of the World Union of Phlebology in Boston , a scientific-training conference “Venous insufficiency and its complications in pregnant women”, International Symposium of Plastic Surgery in Polanica Zdroj as well as a scientific - training conference of the Polish Society of Phlebology and the Polish Society of Wound treatment, dedicated to compression therapy and treatment of chronic wounds. Our doctors are also members of prestigious Polish and international scientific societies, amongst which and worth highlighting is the Polish Society of Phlebology, The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS), The Polish Society of Esthetic Medicine and Anti Ageing as well as the American College of Phlebology (ACP).

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MD Wojciech Rybak

MD Diana Kupczyńska


The Ars Estetica Clinic can boast numerous achievements, amongst which the most important is a steady growing number of satisfied patients, who recommend our services to their relatives and friends. Patients appreciate the variety of different complimentary treatments, the latest high tech equipment and the experience of our doctors, as well as a friendly and welcoming atmosphere at our clinic. It is also important to mention that the high standards of our treatments, latest high tech equipment and the level of knowledge of our doctors are not only appreciated by our patients but also the media: in the press (in amongst other magazines such as “Gala”, “Uroda”, “Gentleman”) and on the internet where information regarding our clinic has been posted numerous times.

An important accomplishment of our facility is the high level of knowledge and professional experience of our doctors, who continually work on expanding their level of knowledge and skills. The founder of the clinic is Dr. Wojciech Rybak, MD/PhD who was one of the first in Wroclaw to perform a laser removal treatment of varicose veins of the lower limbs, and one of the first in Poland together with his father prof. Zbigniew Rybak to use the foam scleropathy method, with ultrasound to treat large varicose veins of the lower limbs. In addition to this prof. Zbigniew Rybak has made several scientific and didactic accomplishments and his broad level of knowledge and extremely high level of professional experience have earned him awards and appreciation: prof. Rybak received several scientific and didactic awards including the JM rector of the Medical Academy in Wroclaw and Katowice, he obtained an award from the Ministry of Health and was awarded the Gold Cross of Merit.

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Rejestracja wizyt w Ars Estetica Wrocław z pomocą naszego konsultanta pod numerem tel.

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Address and contact information

Ars Estetica Wrocław
ul. Powstańców Śląskich 56a/ 2
53-333 Wrocław

Opening hours

  • Monday19:00-10:00
  • Tuesday19:00-10:00
  • Wednesday19:00-10:00
  • Thursday19:00-10:00
  • Friday19:00-10:00
  • Saturday16:00-10:00
  • Sundayclosed

Ars Estetica Wrocław on a map

The Ars Estetica clinic is located in close proximity to the Wroclaw city center, thanks to its convenient location, patients can reach us with ease by either vehicle as well as by means of public transportation. The nearest bus stop (Wielka – bus lines 247 and 257) is about 250m, about the same distance from our clinic is the nearest tram stop (tram lines 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14, 17, 20, 24, 31, 32 and 33). Our facility is located 1.5km away from the PKP Wrocław Główny rail station. Thanks to the close proximity of the airport to our clinic, patients arriving from outside of Wroclaw can reach us with ease, for those who prefer to arrive by air plane: a taxi from the Wroclaw- Strachowice Airport, located about 12.5km from our clinic , takes about 25 min. Close proximity to the airport provides our patients with the convenience of being able to arrive from major European cities: the Wroclaw based airport has direct flights from amongst other Brussels, Paris, Munich, Frankfurt, Bristol, Dublin, London and Liverpool.